Friday, 28 February 2014


Hey beautiful today i want to talk about

"guys you maybe thinking oh a girly post but let me stop you there beauty isn't just for woman its for men too. looking after your skin is important may it be keeping it soft and smooth or keeping away acne there is products that will help you."

 my beauty compare is a beauty site with lots of fabulous beauty products when choosing a product a lot of people jump into buying from the first place they see.
but then later on see they could of got the same product much cheaper.

with beauty compare not only can you see a wide variety of products you can see a few places where you can buy the product from and how much it will cost.
this is a great way for when you are buying your products you normally use or investing in new ones you would like to try.

also you can find your beauty match take the quick quiz to find out what matches you get.
put in your hair type hair colour eye colour and it will find matches that suit you.
take the quiz here 

the site is easy to use so sit back relax and browse the site at the comfort of your own home.
ah comfort isn't it just fabulous. 

also on the site you can find reviews of the products which is another bonus just like my blog in a way you get to see reviews before you jump into buying the product which is a must.
because those of you that have experienced buying a product that you needed that didn't work will know what i mean when i say reviews are a must its is a bit like trying before you buying.

summer is almost here and we know what that means :) vest and shorts, dresses ect, 
hang on hang on who just said they wasn't gonna be showing of their lovely legs this summer?

be proud of who you are and if you are feeling a bit shy about getting your skin out this summer take a look at my beauty compare because they have a list of products to make you feel and look fabulous.

listed below is links to the product category's listed on

Body Hair Hands and Feet
Tanning Anti Dandruff Base Coat
Strecth Marks Anti Fizz Cuticle Treatment
Soaps Colour Foot Cream
Suncare Conditioner Foot Scrub
Hair Removal Gel & Styling Cream Hand Cream
Firming and Toning Hair Mousse Hand Scrub
Bust Care Hair Spray Hand Wash
Body Wash Hair Treatment Nail Colour
Body Mask Oils Nail Hardener
Body Cream Shampoos Nail Oil
Body Oils Hair Serum Polish Remover
Body Cellulite Wax Top Coat
Natural and Organic Natural and Organic Quick Dry
Skincare Makeup Fragrance
Cleansers Blushers Mens
Exfoliators Bronzers Womens
Eye Treatments Brushes
Face Wash Concealers
Lip Treatments Foundation
Toners Eye Liner
Masks and Peels Eye Shadow
Spot Treatments Mascara
Face Oil Eyebrows
Moisterizers Lip Stick
Serum Lip Liner


                                            Thank you for reading 

                                                     Caroline xx