Tuesday, 4 February 2014

GLO Aluminum Wall Clock

Hey there my beauty's Today i am reviewing the GLO Aluminium Wall Clock from shoplet.



you maybe thinking oh a clock which is understandable but i thought id review it 
because i love this clock it has a nice design and adds colour to any room.
why buy a plain clock when you can have a nice bright colourful clock to brighten the room and your mood.

ever been stuck at work or college and stared at the clock wishing it was home time? then becoming even more bored because the clock isn't nice to look at?
well those days are officially over with this sleek fashionable clock that comes in nice bright cheerful colours.

The clock's stylish bold design with the bright colour and added aluminium trim looks amazing adding that extra special touch to your room.the glass lens is also nice because it makes the clock even more lovable because it adds class, and its not cheap looking like most clocks on the market.

The Clock is £10.76 To Buy which is a great price for the top quality of the clock.
which is impressive because the quality is great and most clocks don't live up to this quality and price tag.

This is the back of the clock

you can see its very clean easy design.
there is a hole already in the clock so your ready to go and hang it where your old clock once hung.

the time on the clock is easy to set using the small dial that is located just above where the  AA battery goes.


*hands are big and clear to see
*stylish design with added colour
*glass lens 
*easy to use 


*doesn't come with a battery

That is all for now i hope you enjoyed reading this review.
please feel free to leave me any feedback constructive criticism welcome

Thank you for reading 

x caroline x
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