Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheltenham horse racing

Cheltenham horse racing

(Horse racing began in cheltenham in 1815 and it became a major national attraction after the festival in 1902)          

“ speaking of festivals there is an upcoming festival on tuesday 11th - friday 14th march

“Horse racing is a sport as well as an hobby
some people ride horses in their spare time or are professional jockeys,
And there are people who watch horse racing on the tv from the comfort of their homes.
But some people prefer to visit cheltenham horse racing to watch live to get the real horse racing experience”

still going today Cheltenham horse racing is enjoyed by many people from all over the country so people travel far to watch the horse racing purely because it is an enjoyable event to go to.

lady’s day is a great day out for the ladies to enjoy themselves.
So why not grab a few friends get out your best dress or you could buy a new dress after all it is not everyday you get to go to the races.
And head down and watch the horse racing it will be a day to remember.

Lads why not grab a few mates enjoy a beer and have some fun.
watching the horse racing at cheltenham is a must because you will be there watching it live with your friends or on your own along with other horse racing lovers.
And if its a nice day enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. with an ice cold beer.

if you like living live on the edge  like me.
or maybe even putting a few quid aside to place a bet.
if the bet is for fun or if you are trying to win some extra money you can place bets on horse racing. http://sports.winner.com/en/

please check out the links and find out more about cheltenham.
you can also dine at cheltenham may it be dining with friends or business partners you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

If you have a wedding,birthday or another event coming up you could hold your event at cheltenham after all everybody loves a wedding or a party.

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caroline bartholomew