Monday, 26 May 2014

Huubie build

If you haven't heard of hubbie build before you have come to the right place.
huubiebuild is a company based in london that not only designs but builds a great range of things
from play areas,benches,summerhouses,climbing frames and more. 

Hubbiebuild is a fantastic company that builds a range of things
from play areas to benches to tree houses and more.
Huubiebuild is all about making your child's imaginative play come to life.
whether their ideal adventure is playing in the jungle and swinging from ropes.
hiding out on a pirate ship or escaping into a fairytale castle,
Huubiebuild can make their adventure a reality.

Hubbiebuild also have built fun climbing frames at some of the local schools.
they are a recommended company not only by the school but the local community.

all climbing frames are build to a very high standard and made sure they are 100% safe.

^ one of many climbing frames at the school ^

I really like the idea of these amazing climbing frames not only do they encourage children to have fun,
they also encourage children to keep fit and active and good for hand eye coordination.
if i had a garden i would definitely buy one because they are great for all ages.
and great for keeping fit and active in your own garden in your own time.
and can be built to the way you and your children want them may it be a castle or a pirate ship.
Huubiebuild can make a big difference to your garden

As you can see from the photo before it was just a garden.
like you probably have or your neighbour has.
one that isn't appealing for children to play in.

now its a garden that is child friendly and looks alot better.
its the kind of garden every child dreams of having.
because of the amazing climbing frame looks fun to play on.

some more of huubiebuilds amazing work below
bespoke cabinets

benches / seats 
summer houses

To find out more please check out their facebook page and their website.
where you can see more of huubiebuilds work see customer feedback and more. 

please check out huubbiebuilds website here 
please like huubbiebuild on facebook here

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