Saturday, 17 May 2014


Egg timer perfect eggs

hey girls and guys heres a quick review for you all hope you like it.
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Ever tried boiling a egg in water aiming to get a soft to medium egg and end up with a hard boiled?

Aimed for a hard boiled egg crack it open and your heart sinks as you realize that you egg is runny?

you're not alone many people have made this mistake!!!

Well now all your troubles can fade away.
 with this special egg timer you pop it in the water with you eggs
the egg will indicate if your eggs are soft medium or hard making your cooking stress free and will help if your cooking eggs for the whole family.

we know we all like our eggs different 

so for example if your cooking 3 eggs for 3 people
1 soft 1 medium and 1 hard.
well now you can do this with the egg perfect timer
(great for dinner party's as your guests will get their perfect eggs)
You can pick these up at all good retailers ranging from £1 upwards depending on where you buy it from.
easy and simple to use.

Overall verdict 
I give this eggcellent  product a 10/10 all round. (excuse the pun)
I brought mine up in poundland yes you guess it for a £1.
I am pretty sure you can find them on amazon and ebay as well. 
At that price you cant go wrong and it will save you money because you won't be throwing out eggs that haven't come out how you expected.

*please take extra care when removing it from the saucepan as it does get hot*

why not give it a try and let me know how you get on as i really do love your feedback.

anyway girls and guys i better shoot its 2.17 am.

xx caroline xx