Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lillys bag boutique


Lilys Bag Boutique offers a fabulous range of affordable handbags for fashionable woman. 
handbags are available in satchels, totes, small handbags and clutches. Handbags from Lilys Bag Boutique are the perfect fusion of fashion and function.
Bringing you unique bags like the stunning Stina Delin bags from Sweden.

(yes the famous word girls Bags)

"hey everyone i have been so excited to do this review as its my first fashion/accessories review so i hope you enjoy reading.
   I won this handbag from lily's bag boutique facebook page       
        when i found out i won i knew i would end up reviewing it.
It is about time i reviewed a handbag"


made from silica this bag has a smooth bumpy texture
that is nice to touch with the added gold coloured chain
which brings the bag together this bag not only feels unique but looks unique too


A beautiful Sky blue i am not normally one for vibrant colours but in recent times i have liked them as they are very fashionable at the moment i adore this shade of blue i think there is something really appealing about it.  

The gold coloured chain gives it that extra special touch that brings the bag to life.


Bag dimensions 

High: 16 cm

Width: 22.5 cm

Thickness: 6 cm

Overall this Fashionable bag,

The colour is lovely and bright and sure to make you stand out.
It adds that extra colour to your outfit.
nice design and very nice texture very well designed.
The gold coloured chain matches the clasp on the bag,
 a sky blue colour against the gold chain reminds me of the bags
that i always see in fashion mags and adverts.
the texture of the bag is a silicone 
which gives it that unique feel 

"lilly's bag boutique is a reliable company
that sells many different kinds of bags
I recommend to all you bag lovers
They are reliable and trustworthy
They also shipped my bag out quick"

you can see more of their bags on their website

find them on twitter

"I am now on the lookout for a nice outfit to go with my bag so i can show it off.
hopefully if i find a lush outfit to review i will show off the bag with the outfit.
As i know alot of you lovely readers are really into your fashion"

please feel free to leave me a comment below
and if you have brought a bag from lilly's boutique 
id love to see what bag you choose and what you styled it with.

Thank you for reading