Sunday, 11 January 2015

sennheiser urbanites headphones

Sennheiser Urbanites 

Hey guys and girls today I am gonna review my urbanite headphones made by sennheiser.
I won these on instagram for a photo of my ear .. yes my ear you heard that right. (no pun intended)
Anyway here goes hope you enjoy reading my review on my urbanite headphones hopefully those of you looking to buy a new set of headphones this will help you in some way.

They say looks dont matter which is true its what inside that counts, but these are rather good looking, they would definitely be something id be proud to wear on the bus, or on a train.
many years ago i would only like earphones purely because bulky headphones was rather a no good for fashion.But these urbanites are a different story they may be bulky but they are bulky beautiful.
(they also fold up meaning you can pop them into your handbag, or backpack after use)

Lets just say the best I have ever had, the sound quality is by far the best.
I also love the fact it blocks out background noise few times i have been in a busy room which was noisy, I then popped on my headphones and enjoyed music but i will add i did have the volume up at a higher level as I do find it hard to hear music clear anyway epessily when people on bus make loads of noise.
( I love the detachable cable meaning if you should need to replace the cable its not gonna cost you alot to replace unlike other headphones)

between £150 - £199 prices may vary store to store.
Not really ideal for those on a tight budget because some people wouldn't wanna spend over £100 for headphones, But if you have a bigger budget these are pretty decent, for the price.

I just love how snug they fit on my head the feel great and secure unlike other headphones that like to fall off the head when your trying to tie your laces, or pick up your bus pass that you have just dropped.
They feel amazing on and the cushioned earpieces feel lush on the ears as well.
(Only trouble i have after long periods of time my ears feel abit sore so would suggest having breaks if your ears are feeling abit sore)

Overall verdict 

The Sennheiser urbanites are a fantastic pair of headphones from the packaging to the headset.
The headset fits perfectly and feels snug, The sound quality is by far the best i have ever heard.
The detachable headset cable means  cheaper to replace should you ever accidently break the cable which is unlikely because they are a well made pair of foldable headphones.

The price is abit high not really the price id normally pay for headphones, but i won these.
after hearing the sound quality and feeling how well they fit i would in future buy these again for presents for others.

I would recommend these to others but would advise you to ask your nearest store if you can test a pair most stores that have them on display let you test them which is handy because we all have likes and dislikes about things we wish to buy.

Downside to them the volume control on the headset only works with ipad or iphone but it does say on box they are for iphone or ipad, but obvs you can control the sound from your phone etc.
was just a little disappointment but I guess i can not complain as i won them but thought I would let you know about the volume thing incase you dont own a ipad or iphone.


  • Great sound quality 
  • Background noise isolation
  • Nice fitting 
  • Detachable replaceable cable
  • Stylish 
  • Foldable 
  • volume dont work on other devices
  • headphones can make ears sore if used long periods of time
I hope you have enjoyed reading my review on my urbanite headphones.

Speak soon