Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Veil cover cream sample kit

Hi Again girls and guys today i will be reviewing veil cover cream sample kit.
For those of you who might not have heard about the company veil and about their products,
let me explain A bit more so you know a little A bit about the company before I review.

About cover cream ( taken from the veil website )
Our Veil Cover Cream was an early leader in the field of Cosmetic Camouflage and was first formulated in 1952 by our founder Mr. Thomas Blake. He was a forward thinking and inspired cosmetic chemist who was asked by a pioneering plastic surgeon to formulate a cover cream that would hide post-operative scars.
His creation was an immediate success in the new field of remedial camouflage and has continued now for over 60 years. Our cover cream has helped many people with different types of skin blemish to look and feel good.

At Veil we still follow the original and unique manufacturing process using pure and simple raw materials which makes our cover cream effective and easy to use.
The range of shades has been expanded since those early days so that we can now offer a wide range of natural shades to suit all skin tones.
Our cover cream is widely recommended in hospital dermatology and skin clinics as well as leading beauty salons and we hope that as you browse the pages of our website you will find the right products for you.

So now you know abit more about them and who they are as a company lets get this show on the road with the review.

Before picture

As you can see my skin tone is uneven and is not flawless which can be an issue for me if I am going on a night out with friends or having my photo taken at an event etc.

Even though i dont always wear makeup as i do let my skin breath on school run and during the day at home i thought it could be nice to test this as we all have those events or special times we want to look our best.

After picture

you can see a big difference it has disguised my dark circles quite a bit.
Also the brown freckling on face was covered nicely.

only trouble i has is the product going cakey on my skin not sure if i applied too much or if my skin is too dry. but can definitely tell it does work well, i think i need to get used to using it.

So whats my verdict on veil coverage sample kit.

I liked the idea of this product and the fact its good for covering scars, unwanted blemishes, tattoos etc.
It made a difference to my dark circles under my eyes although i need a little more practice to get used to the product and technique so I can get a even better coverage.

The thing i found is it felt a bit to dry on my skin as it went cakey I am not sure why it felt this way maybe the lack of moisture in my skin, so i would say this is not really suitable for anyone with dry skin unless your dry skin is under control first.

Also felt as if it was a tad too hard to take of fully after scrubbing my face a few times i still had some product on so this might be a good thing for those who work for long hours and like the coverage to last longer.
Overall I do like this product but I am in no rush to go out and buy it yet until I get used to the sample kit and perfect the technique needed to get the perfect coverage.

Because my skin is pretty uneven i have loads of dark patches and other tones in skin partly due to a skin condition and some of darker tones also come from where i have indian relatives etc so my skin is unusual tone like I look pale next to people who like suntanning, but dark next to someone who doesn't like to tan at all.

Questions and answers.

What did i like about veil cover sample kit?
I really liked the different shades inside the kit.

What i did not like about veil cover?
It felt a bit heavy on face and went cakey.

Would you buy this product?
I would but only when i get used to using the sample kit, And my skin is better as i have dry skin feels cakey.

To find out more about veil coverage please feel free to check their website.

Veil are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for reading