Monday, 12 January 2015


Oz naturals  facial toner review

Hey Guys and Girls I was approached by Oz naturals to review 3 products for them,
They loved how honest my reviews are and wanted someone like me to test the product then share with you my lovely readers so i ordered the 3 products to show you.
I was gonna review all 3 products on one post but thought will review the oz naturals serums on a separate
post so its easier to read without the post being to long and confusing.

So first one I am going to review for you is The Oz natural facial toner £13.05
I am normal a bit skeptical on beauty products with all the claims and the price tag to go with it.
If you are anything like me you like to read reviews and ask friends first if they have tried it and if it works and if its worth the price and every other question running through the mind.
With all these questions in mind i hope my review can somehow help you in some way.
please note all views are my own as always unless stated.

Here is my verdict on the facial Toner.

I Applied the product to my face it felt Cool and refreshing and i could feel it tingling slightly which felt relaxing not sure if other people have experienced the tingle bit but felt relaxing.
After been on the skin a few hours i could defo feel my skin felt tighter but did not feel uncomfy at all.
The toner is a spray which sprays on face evenly and the feel of the toner is like water, it feels nice and light on the face and dries nicely you can even wear makeup over the top of the toner which is brilliant considering, most toners on the market are a thick cream type that can feel rather heavy and yuck and not to mention the amount of cotton pads you go through with the cream toners that can be rather oily.

Oz naturals isn't oily meaning you can smile and feel great and not get those horrid breakouts like oily products can cause.

I didn't like the smell of it as it was not fragranced with something it smelt of something natrealish though a smell kind of hard to describe i am fussy when it comes to smells after all i do like to smell nice.
I am loving the product so far just not keen on the smell but its something i can live with I am guessing its where the product is ment to be natural or something I am not sure.

pros and cons of oz naturals toner.



Leaves skin feeling nice and soft
Leaves skin feeling fresh
Skin feels firmer 
Light on the skin
easy to use
contains vitamin c
100% natural 
quick drying


Overall verdict

Score 8/10

A very nice product that is not only easy to apply it feels great on the skin too.
With  me being 24 and looking 15 I have not got many wrinkles, but i could really feel a difference in my skin it feels a lot firmer and smoother.

I love the fact it sprays on and is not a lotion like other toners that feel to heavy on the face,So it was nice and light on the face only concern for me with it being a spray is scared of it going in eyes , But i guess you have to be careful and not get to excited when seeing how great the spray toner is.

The thing I didn't like was the smell i would of liked it better if it was fragranced with something nice, its like a mild smell I am finding it hard to describe.
Not sure if its me just been fussy on that one but i do love a nice smelling product.

The product is a nice size not to bad for the price either £13.05 which some people may think is expensive to be honest you are getting as great quality as some other products that you will pay a lot more for so in a way this price is cheap compared to other brands.
I am fussy with most products and this as to be the best toner i have tried, and ive tried many toners and found them to heavy with being a lotion.
with oz naturals you are getting a spray toner meaning it should in fact last longer which means no unwanted lotion on your hands not knowing what to do with it.

The bottles instructions

spray tonic over entire face, neck and decollete after cleansing and exfoliating skin.
follow with serums and lastly moisturizer. Not only should this tonic be used as a primer for serums but can also be used throughout the day over makeup. its also great for an all over toning spray. please shake well before use.

 Questions you may have?

Q:Is this the best toner you have tried?
A:Yes buy far the best one easy to use and light on the skin.

Q:How much is oz naturals toner to buy?
A:£13.05 on amazon.

Q:Where did you buy the toner from?
A:I brought mine from oz naturals on there amazon page link below.

Thanks for reading