Saturday, 7 February 2015

Regency Chess Company

Our First Chess Set

Hey girls and guys, Hope your having a lovely weekend.
I have come across a Chess company called Regency chess company
I Now own my very own Chess set from Regency Chess company.
I own a foldable chess set the chess pieces are inside.

My lovely chess set arrived today and chloe my 5 year old daughter decided she wanted a game of chess because my hubby knows a thing or two about chess he decided to have a game of chess with chloe.

The game did not last long she beat him in 4 moves 
which left him rather confused and shocked 
he couldn't believe his eyes.
He was so shocked our daughter beat him at chess.

chloe loves our chess set.
So now she owns the title of winning the first game of chess 
on our new chess set Well our first chess set in fact.

The only other times she has played chess is on the computer. 
even when she was when she younger like age 3 she used to play the chess on the computer because you can learn and play at the same time.
when you click a chess piece it shows you what spaces you can move too.

for anyone who does not know how to play chess it is easy to learn.

So computers ain't all that bad for our kids if they are Learning.
I am such a proud mummy right now I am happy she is interested in chess,
it is such a classy game/sport that is good for the mind.

I do Hope she will continue to enjoy and play chess because it is truly a sport to be cherished and enjoyed and can be enjoyed indoors and out.

Chess Sets make Exquisite Gifts

A luxury chess set sold at regency chess company

I love Regency Chess Company They Sell most exquisite chess sets.
Chess sets can also make a truly special gift someone you love.

Regency chess sets can make exquisite

Valentines day gifts
Birthday gifts
Thank you gifts
Leaving gifts

Regency chess sets are great for all occasions they are one of those gifts that can last a lifetime and even be passed down generations to come if they are looked after.

I would much rather receive a spectacular chess set
than chocolates or diamonds.

Dont get me wrong I do love chocolate 
but I would rather receive a chess set,
 because I appreciate great things and love to receive something that can be cherished for many years and be able to remember that special someone who gifted it to me.

Even if you are not interested in chess Regency chess sets can make a lovely talking point in the home and look great on display abit like a chandelier they add that added bit of class.

Chess is such a wonderful game/sport 
which is great to learn at all ages.

My grandad taught my mum how to play and she used to play chess with me and my brothers I still need to learn more as i didn't used to be into chess and want to learn more about it and enjoy it as much as chloe is loving and enjoying it.

Just think when chloe is older if she has kids 
she will be able to teach them how to play.

I am so happy with my chess set and it will get many years of use.
Chloe is very ega to play many more games of chess already
so I am sure the set will be passed down a few generations.

I do feel chess needs to be rediscovered by my generation and chloes.
It would be truly wonderful if the sport could be taught to many generations and let the sport live on for hundreds of years.

Anyway Thats All For Now

Just thought I would share that with you.
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
my chess set from Regency chess company.

sorry if you found it boring 
know some of you might not be interested in chess.

But do know there is a small handful of you who do enjoy chess.
for those who are not fans of chess regency chess company also sell

Croquet sets

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Thank you for reading