Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valuelights Mini Sun Lightpad

Hey girls and guys As some of you will already know the other day I wrote an awareness article,
Seasonal Affective Disorder which was a post to help raise awareness for SADS.
If you Have not already read it please have a look as it might be helpful to you or a loved one.
So Todays post is about the minisun lightpad which is a light for people Living with SAD.

So this is more of a talk rather than a review like I normally post when talking about products.
Hopefully this article about the minisun lightpad will be useful to those who who want to know abit more about the lightpad and how it works and how it can be useful to those with SADS.

What does the product look like.

Well when it arrived I totally forgot that the lightpad was arriving 
when I took it out of the box I thought someone had sent me an ipad.
Also thought I had won a competition for an ipad or something,
I almost screamed to hubby with excitement like "omg i won an ipad"
 I am so glad I did not do that.

it was more like this,”babe i think i have won a tablet”
( you are probably thinking what a wally but hey I dont mind)

The light was light and sleek in a nice protective case 
so you probably can see why i got my hopes up and thought someone sent me an ipad
 because the size the case and the style and design of the lightpad etc.
The case is not only a stylish protective case for your lightpad.

The case also doubles up as a stand for your light pad 
so you can put the light on your bedside table and turn it on when you wake up.
it is so sleek and easy to put away you can put it in your bag and take it to work and use in your office,
Thats if you have a personal office!

How the light therapy works.

image by Iamnee

(Info on how light therapy works)
taken from the nhs website)

Light therapy is thought to work by simulating the sunlight that's missing during the darker winter months.
The additional light encourages your brain to reduce the production of melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleepy) and increase the production of serotonin (the hormone that affects your mood).

Altering the levels of melatonin and serotonin that are released into your body,during winter months can help ease your symptoms of SAD However, this is based on the assumption that the condition is caused by a lack of light and the effect that this has on the hormones that are released in your brain.

Is light Therapy Safe For Everyone?

You should speak to your doctor before using light therapy 

if you have any of the following.

Retinal disease
Macular degeneration
Medication you take which increases your sensitivity to light. 
(For example, some blood pressure medications, antibiotic medicines or cancer treatments.)

Overall Views On The Product.

I love the fact that this lightpad was invented to help people living with sads.
I also love the fact the lightpad is affordable to buy meaning you have more money for you.
 I guess thats why they call it value lights because you are getting lights at value prices, 
Afterall we all love a great bargain well I do anyway.

I love my little mini sun lightpad Its like my very own personal sunshine.
I can take anywhere with me and I will be able to pack it and take it with me 
as long as wherever I go has a plug socket I be able to use it when needed which is great. 

It would be even better if somehow there could make it cordless like the ipad meaning you could charge it and go maybe thats something value lights could look into as im sure there will be people out there who worry about plugging electrical things in and leaving them on or might be worried about costs etc.

Research shows that the lightbulbs and the lamps are very good for people living with sads.

Many people find the lamp helps them 
although others may not find them as affective as light bulbs.
Some people will find the light bulbs work better and others will find the lightpad works better.

I must warn you the lightbulbs are very bright brighter than the normal light bulbs.
so be warned if you have who can't have bright lights due to illnesses or medications.

There lovely lady who lived in my mums road a few years back and her light bulb was so bright.
when I used to stand outside my mums house and smoke, I used to look down the road,
 and wonder what the bright light was and wondered if it was This bright for me standing down the road how bright it must have been inside.

I Have also been Affected these few months of winter with feeling sad and gloomy.
So I will continue using the lightpad in the morning and at night to help relieve my symptoms.
I really cannot wait for summer to come now I am missing the lovely warm bright days.
But for now my mini sun will keep me going until we have nice bright mornings.

I Have added links to value lights social media accounts below.
Because value lights sell many other products including

And much much more.

You can follow and contact value lights via Facebook and Twitter and Website,
They sell many other lights also which can be used daily please feel free to check out the value lights website to see the wide range of products that value lights 

Don't forget to read my blog post
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Thank you for reading