Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Gothic Initial Necklace in Acrylic

Gothic Initial Necklace in Acrylic

Hey girls and guys I Was sent a necklace from namefully.
when it arrived I was excited to see what it looked like.
I was happy it arrived but a little disappointed with the design.
For a £16 necklace it felt very flimsy and cheap maybe its me being picky and fussy but I would not pay £16 for it I am afraid.

I ordered the wrong size oops, because i ordered the smallest one I will be letting Chloe have it instead of me the joys of both our names starting with the letter C and i am sure she will like it.

I would say it is more of a child's necklace with the design being flimsy lets put it this way it doesn't feel like a necklace a adult would be happy receiving as a gift.

I hate writing negative reviews but it has to be done.
Someone has to be honest And tell you the truth.
I am not gonna pretend I like something if I do not like it.
    End of the day we all have different likes and dislikes
reviews are more of a guild so you can hear about the product and what that person thinks about it and if it is worth buying or not.

If you do still wish to buy this necklace
You can find it here on the namefully website

There is plenty more fish in the sea

There are many more products on the namefully website to choose from.
Rings,necklaces,bracelets and more so many different designs too.
Feel free to have a look incase there is something on there that you like or want to buy for yourself or for a friend.

feel free to check out the Namefully’s website.

About Namefully

(taken from namefully’s website)

Namefully is a modern balance of the best that the old and new jewelry worlds have to offer, and the result is the Internet’s leading name necklace and name jewelry retailer today. A place where the unparallelled mom-n-pop shop commitment to customer service meets the efficiency of today's leading Internet enterprises. Where the attention to detail that only old school jewellers can appreciate encounters the style of the world's leading design houses.

The Namefully team is proud to offer its exclusive line of custom-made name jewelry because we understand that while our customers are style-savvy, they also have an incomparable appreciation for uniqueness and originality. Name necklaces are more than just jewelry, they are a statement. Your name, your statement. And Namefully is more than just an online store, it is your number one name necklace source.

Overall verdict

The company was very lovely to send me this necklace to review.
I feel grateful for the necklace I liked the Gothic look of the necklace because I do love mixing and matching my style.
But to me it didn't feel like a necklace worth £16 - $25,
maybe that's just me but its how i truly feel.

I hate to be negative but it is how i truly feel about the product.
But the product will be cherished and loved by my 5 year old which is something as I am sure she will wear it loads more than I ever would even if i had of picked the longer chain.

On a lighter note the company was really lovely and friendly and shipped the item on the 28th of January and i received it on 9th Feb it took a while to get here but that's to do with it been shipped from overseas, as well as the post been a bit slow at the minute.

Thank You For Reading
Caroline Bartholomew