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Mine and my hubby's Weird Fish Hoodie's

Weird fish Hoody’s review

Hey girls and guys I thought I would introduce you to my hubby 
Because i do mention him in a few of my posts. 

some of you might be thinking so whos this mystery man.
So me and hubby have both got a new hoodie from weird fish, so this is perfect opportunity to not only introduce you to my hubby but show you the hoodies weird fish sent me to review for all of you.

Anyway the other week many of you was emailing me regarding my reviews and how you would love for me to add some fashion reviews, articles. to 

I spend hours per day looking at things I feel will be appropriate to share with you all as well as contacting brands or companies updating them on things you are wanting to see reviews on.

And to see if any of them have any upcoming products that they will let me show you before they are released etc

Thats why sometimes I aint here updating often due to looking after my family and replying to your emails as well as testing and trying products I have coming to the blog so I do apologise for not been able to post every day.

Anyway as mentioned weird fish sent me two hoodies
to try and see what me and my hubby thought.
Aswell as to show my lovely readers (yes you)

so anyway here goes

I was looking at the weird fish website after speaking to weird fish.
I did have a little choice to choose from but me being me I was still indecisive as i always want to make sure it is perfect or right before jumping into getting it.

I had a choice of the slip on hoodys the ones that go over your head which i was thinking how nice they looked but with doing makeup and hair slipping it on would mess up makeup and if i put it on before doing my makeup then it would still end up with makeup on or make me to hot when getting ready.

So i ended up choosing the zip up hoody which looks really fashionable and is easy to just slip on zip up, which is perfect for me with the cold days and the school runs meaning i can throw on hoody zip it up and take my little girl to school.

This is the weird fish hoodie I choose

£45 from weird fish 

What I think about my weird fish hoodie.

" Well For a hoodie it is one of the best looking hoodies I have seen I like the feel of the hoodie the material feels so soft.

I love how comfy the hoodie feels when I have got it on,
Also it doesn't feel too casual, 
It feels more smart casual so i don't feel as if i am dressing down.
If you know what I mean like you can pair it with skinny jeans a nice top and a pair of heels and go to a party.

I also love the fit of the hoodie it feels nice and fits really well.
I really love the colour of my hoodie the two tone with the grey and orange accent.
which is the hoodie on the weird fish website that stood out most to me.
(There is other colours are styles to choose from)

I am not one for following fashion as such
dont get me wrong I love fashion and trends etc,
But I do like to be unique.

With fashion I tend to mix and match, not only with new and old, but with diff styles I like to be different likes to short to be a clone.
Mix it up a little and have some fun after all thats how some trends are started, like if a celeb wears their t shirt inside out everyone starts doing it and it becomes a hit and everyone calls it fashion"
"sorry for rambling on I do get carried away dont I" ?

Introducing my wonderful hubby Shane.

Hes not to keen on selfies
but doesn't he look adorable 

This is shane not only is he my hubby he is my best friend,
He is not really one for fashion either
hes more for buying something he likes.

He is one of those people who doesn't want to wear something That 
half the town are wearing, unless he likes it himself as long as he finds it comfy to wear.

shane buys for himself and Tends to be very fussy with picking clothes.
Because it has to be to his taste as well as look good on as well as fitting nicely and feeling comfy to wear.

The Weird Fish Hoodie Shane choose

whilst on the weird fish website when I finally got to the mens section
I Asked shane what hoodie he would like.

He went for the zip up one also as he said it looked the most appealing.
He loved how even tho it was plain grey that it looked good and like the type of hoodie That you can pair up with pretty much most clothes.

£50 from weird fish 

What hubby thinks about his weird fish hoodie

Shane says 

“ When the hoodies arrived I bugged Caz to open the parcel,
I could not wait to see my hoodie and to see if it looked as good in person as it did on the weird fish website.

When I took it out of its packaging I was amazed to how soft the fabric of the hoodie felt it was so soft and could not wait to try it on.

As soon as I put it on I walked over to the mirror to see what it looked like on, and I was pretty impressed that something that I got online without been able to try it on in store suits me.

I would say if you are going to wear this in winter to wear a coat with it as it is not the warmest when its really cold outside.
So if its cold wear a coat too, it be more suited to spring time when its not hot and not cold but nice and mild.

The only thing that is missing from this great hoodie is pockets,
I do love a pocket when it comes to hoodies and jackets.
but overall I love the design and I love how it suits me"

Overall Verdict Of Our Weird Fish Hoodies

                                    hubby's weird fish hoodie            my weird fish hoodie                                           

Overall Verdict 

overall myself and Shane really love our hoodies,The only thing Shane found that his hoodie wasn't that warm when he went out in it bearing in mind it was sleeting out there. so you would need to wear with a coat if its cold outside.

we both love our soft the material of the hoodie is the hoodys feel great on and ageist the skin the hoodies fit very well and

don't feel too casual like most hoodies do.

Shane did not like the fact his hoodie didn't have pockets because he does love a pocket and he felt it would of made the hoodie better so he could have a pocket to put his keys in.

the normal price of the hoodies
Shane's hoodie is normally £50 
my hoodie is normally is £45

The price can be seen as expensive if you are on a budget.
But if you are after a nice fitting hoodie that feels great and looks great from a company/brand you can trust,
then it is worth every penny.

I couldn't really fault my hoodie but if i could change one thing about it i would have it more like Shane's and not have the big logo across the chest, and have it more subtle,
but that's just me being picky.

How to contact weird fish?




Google plus


Well that's all for now I hope you have enjoyed reading.

I love all your lovely emails after my posts go live.
 it really does mean a lot to see how you are enjoying reading.
So want to thank you for your support, friendship and readership you are all truly wonderful.

I will be back soon until then stay beautiful.

Caroline xx