Thursday, 14 January 2016

My First Smear Test

Yes Today I am talking about my first smear test
you may ask why and my answer is simple because I care about fellow humans.
I was so scared about having my first smear so am not surprised many woman don't go or put them off but really do wanna share with you my experience and to help inspire others to go book theirs, because it is more important then you may think those few seconds of having a test done can save your life, prevent cancer by catching bad cells early.
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As some of you know Jade goody died of cervical cancer back in  march 2009,
A muched loved woman,wife, and mum, jade first discovered she had cancer in february meaning she died a month later.

(Taken from wikipedia) As a result of the publicity surrounding Goody's illness, on 13 March 2009 government health ministers agreed to review the National Health Service policy not to screen for cervical cancer until age 25.

(Taken from boots) What is a cervical smear test?
A cervical smear test is a test of a sample of cells taken from a woman's cervix.
It is not a test for cancer. It is used to detect abnormal cells that left untreated could develop into cervical cancer. It is the best tool to detect precancerous conditions and hidden, small tumours that may lead to cervical cancer. If detected early, cervical cancer can be cured.

The NHS has cervical screening programmes in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure women are invited for regular smear tests.
Some of the age ranges and screening intervals are being adjusted, and across the UK, the first test will be at 25, then every three years until the age of 49. Between the ages of 50 to 64 the tests are every five years.

Stats and Facts
1 in 5 women don't attend their smears, 1 in 4 (under 30's)
1 in 20 smears come back abnormal but Most abnormality clear up by themselves.
Some require simple removal. Very rare they end up as cancer x

Many women are putting off having smear tests, which is shocking because many people die of cancer each year this month already we have lost some great talent who have died from cancer, yes we all hate the c word but the c word is very very real.

Anyway Below is my experience of a smear.


So anyway I turned 25 in december and as most of you may know smear tests can only normally be done from the age of 25, well This month I had a phone call saying I needed a smear so obviously I booked as lady on phone was saying I was Overdue and it is important.

So anyway I booked the appointment along with another for a bump I have on my chin.
Anyway after I got of the phone I googled smear tests and started to feel scared upset worried, a mixture of feelings any young woman may experience when googling smear tests.

Well with this I Set up a facebook group called Smears Not Tears, for woman to talk about smears and other women's problems and just to come and chat and support each other,
anyway So added all my female friends and then began to ask and get some girls to advise me what it will be like etc.

Many of the responses from the girls were pretty much the same, to the effect that it doesn't hurt it just feels weird, others say they feel a slight discomfort others say they feel nothing.

Anyway I went to the docs spoke about the lump on my face got some antibiotics as its inflamed, and booked a blood test for my bad knees, then sat back out in waiting room, the nurse then called me in for my smear, so i told her how scared I was and it was my first one.

so she said she use the small plastic thing which is called a speculum which by the way does not hurt at all, it just feels warm from where they warmed it up.

After the speculum was put in the nurse then took a quick swap of my cervix,
the whole test only lasted 5 seconds if that and I felt amazing after knowing Its now done,
Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the results, which is the most nerve wracking I guess.

Well now I have had my smear and If you're a woman who hasn't been yet  you're probably thinking what does it feel like well it didn't feel like anything, other than warm then a little swap that was it. many people will say it feels uncomfy ie having to get your bottom half out, but trust me on this doctors have seen it all hairy or smooth.

so don't worry about getting your bits out the doctors and nurses know what they are doing, in fact they are probably pretty used to looking at vaginas just like their used to looking at noses and legs.

some people say they feel a little bit of discomfort when they take a swap it all depends, my advice is to relax hold on to the sides of the chair, tell your nurse before hand you're scared and you like her to be gentle, and if you're really worried nervous or scared take a friend.

But trust me on this Don't Be Afraid  you will be fine, the test only lasts a few seconds meaning plenty of time to go shopping after or to the movies, although some ppl rather go home watch films and relax.

you may want to take a pad with you after some people find they spot or bleed afterwards,
although I didn't experience any bleeding with mine everyone is different.

Anyway Now I have about a 2 week wait to see if My cells are Ok, 
or if they need keeping an eye on etc.

Anyway I prob am boring you but here is a link to the nhs about smear tests.
Please note smear tests are not as scary as they look or sound.

This is also a very helpful site

Thanks for reading

feel free to Join the facebook group smears not tears if you're a female.
it would be great to see you in the group and making friends and maybe helping others who may be dreading a smear test, remember don't fear the smear

Hugs and kisses

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