Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Have you been good this year?

Hey guys and girls so I turned 25 on the 14th december feeling rather old suffering bad knees and all sorts anyway xmas is now fast approaching, So I would like to write a post incase I am not back before new year's eve.

So christmas is a time for giving and spending with loved ones, so many people though are lonely and maybe spending it alone, so would like to remind you that it is the season to give so why not see if any of your friends who are single etc or even a elderly neighbor who might not have not much family want to come for dinner.

Also if you are lonely this christmas please reach out to those around you there are many charities that can help also many churches and places also help people who might feel lonely, remember you don not have to be a single person with no family to be lonely even people with loads of family can become lonely. 

Here are a few charities who can help.

Anyway keeping this short and sweet because I know how december can become busy,
with people to see, gifts to wrap and other little preparations.
Here's a little fun way courtesy of paddypower to see if you are on santa's good list or naughty list this year. post your results in the comments section along with what your looking forward to this christmas.

Thanks for reading