Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Great tasting liqure it is just like the famous brand but only i find this one slightly creamier and still light but really sweet
costing  around £4-£6 you cant really go wrong deffently worth buying if your having a party 

* great taste
* not to expensive considering its a big bottle
*great to share or to drink alone

On the rocks (ice) or just on its own
in a glass or from the bottle
froom the fridge or from the cubard

i can say how ever you choose to drink it you will throughly enjoy

I also like  irish medows in my coffee which is another way to drink it :)  

 Please note you have to be 18 or older to consume alcohole !!

if you think you have a problem with drink please seek help...

visit your nearest doctor
if your worried and find out about units and what you can do to drink moderatly
(nothing wrong with a drink as long as you know your limits)

never drink under the influrence