Thursday, 9 May 2013

Costa coffee :)

Costa coffee

Bit of a different review this time,
on a large flat white coffee my friend brought for me
the morning after a night out on the town.

First off all i must say the coffee is much bigger then
it looks in the photo, i was shocked, it was a great size, although it did take a lot of sugars before i could taste sugar,other then that i cant complain.

      Good points for coffee

  • great value for money
  • great taste
  • helps to wake you up ( yep I'm bit of a caffeine addict)
   bad points
  • if you like your coffee sweet it can take alot of sugars to taste the sweetness i wouldn't really say its a bad point though ( i have a sweet tooth )

Costa sells lovely coffee and other hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks

But a nice coffee always goes down well great for morning after a night out or a coffee before work
or even a catch up with friends whatever plans you have for the day if you love coffee and haven't tried Costa coffee before give it a go . . . :)

That's all for now
Thank you for reading