Friday, 10 May 2013

Indesit CA55

After moving out of my parents home and into my own flat,
i had to start from scratch i was sitting in my empty flat and a broken fridge that i was given and thinking oh no what have i let my self in for,
looking at the cost of the things i needed i decided to do some research into company's and prices.

Appliances online (
and straight away felt relived they had a good choice of products,
the fridge freezer i liked was cheaper at another store online, but i still wanted to order from appliances online.

i was happy to read on their website that they will match the price from any other retailer,i picked up the phone and ordered it.
the customer service team was lovely and very nice.

when the delivery day came i was amazed not only did they install my fridge, they took the packaging away for me, i was impressed at the size off the fridge-freezer.

below i listed some points

  • A Rated energy
  • adjustable glass shelves inside the fridge (to ensure you can fit you food in)
  • pperfect for a small/medium size family
  • guideline times inside the freezer door to guild you on how long you can freeze certain foods for such as bread meat,ice cream ..
i did do a video review when i moved in but i was ever so nervous,
so i thought i do a blogg review insted :)