Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Hey everyone today i am reviewing lipcote lipstick sealer.
Yes Thats right girls a sealer for your lips which you apply after your lipstick.
Lets just face it ladies we have all been there when we have applied lipstick and gone out for the day or evening and within a few hours we have smudged lipstick, not a pretty site when our friends are taking selfies with us or photos of us Fear no more lipcote is here to save the day.

lipcote is an award winning lipstick sealer which every beauty addict should own.
lipcote is your lipsticks best friend you can't wear one without the other.

I applied my lipstick followed by lipcote at 9.15. am.
It felt really nice on the lips and was extremely easy to apply
i could feel the sealer working straight away which was a relive always good when you can feel it working.
I like the brush as it applies the product nice and evenly.
but you do have to be careful you don't knock over the product when the lid is off as it will spill everywhere.

so i will take another photo in a hour or so and post it below
and let you know how well it stayed on and if it does what it is suppose to do........

 So lets see how well it works.

Ok now its 11.30 am after drinking 2 coffees and talking to hubby etc this is how my lipstick looked.

Doesn't look to bad i did notice my lipstick came of slightly but only a small bit came off this is because i didn't blot my lipstick before applying the sealer but as you can see my lipstick still stayed in place and i didn't even apply anymore lipcote to my lips just done the one coat so im pretty impressed.

so did it work? ... yes it did only a small minute amount of my lipstick came off onto my coffee mug.



So guys and girls i would say it does work but you may have to reapply it if your out for the whole day, or night.
because the more you use your lips the more you may need to reapply lipcote lipstick sealer.

But hey you can't go wrong for the price of £3.99, you can buy lipcote from the lipcote website.
The price is really good for what you get lipcote gives you about 100 applications meaning you do really get a lot more for your money. 
it also comes in a very nice packaging too.
i like the packaging its kinda like retro mixed with modern very snazzy.

My overall verdict on lipcote

i would recommend this product to all beauty addicts it comes in a very nice packaging.
the brush feels nice and makes it easy to apply although you have to be careful not to spill the product. (be extra careful when the lid is off the product)
the fragrance is meant to be vanilla it does smell slightly of vanilla, but to me smells ever so slightly a bit like irish cream.

lipcote does work just that you may need to reapply it occasionally which is the slight downside.
but the great thing about lipcote is for £3.99 it doesn't break the bank i think i would pay slightly more for this product myself as i think the quality is alot better then some other thing on the market that cost is very easy to use so you wont need intrustions but your bf might.

Lipcote Pros

nice packaging
price £3.99
good value for money
seals lipstick
easy to apply

Lipcote Cons

you have to reapply it occasionally
you have to be careful not to spill the product if the lid is off
To find out more about lipcote please visit the lipcotes website.

Thank you for reading my review on lipcote lipstick sealer.
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I should be back real soon with another exciting review for you all

X caroline X