Friday, 18 July 2014


picture source: botanicals website


Today i am going to review a luxury revitalizing balm from Botanicals.summer is here and we all know how the weather can have a major impact on our skin leaving it dry cracked so i am reviewing this product for you all so you can get an insight to the product and a insight to how this revitalising balm can help you.

The Revitalising balm is made from natural ingredients it contains 89% organic ingredients which contains essential oils meaning you can rehydrate your skin when your skin is feeling dry or needs hydrating after been out in the sun.
Also the ingredients support your skins natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells these natural ingredients are very important with beauty products ie creams because our skin soaks up the products we place in our skin so it is very important to use natural ingredient products that are not harmful.
remember to always check the ingredients to check you are not allergic,
to any of the natural ingredients that products contain.

Well i have listed some questions you may have.

Does Botanicals revitalising balm work?

So far yes i have seen a improvement my skin feels much softer i use it on my hands after i wash up or do housework as my hands do get dry after im on one of my cleaning missions, this balm is a life saver my hands feel lovely soft and smoothe, and smell fresh and lovely.

What does it smell like?
The fragrance of the balm is lemongrass and mandarin it smells fresh and citrusy.

Where can i buy the product?
You can buy the revitalising balm from Botanicals website they also sell a wide range of other products.

How much is the revitalising balm to buy?
Regular size 50 grams is £15.99.
Salon size 150 grams is £31.95

Does botanicals sell other products?
Yes botanicals sell a wide range of products for hands,feet,body face that are for all different skin types.
please checkout the botanicals website here for more information.

 So what do i think about botanicals revitalising balm?

I really love the revitalising balm, it is luxurious i love the product as i suffer from dry skin quite frequently as i used to have eczema as a child,And the weather also makes my skin dry this product worked like a treat.
I absolutely adore the fragrance of the revitalising balm, lemongrass and mandarin it smells fresh.My hubby said the smell to him was a bit to citrusy but to me it was perfect i liked the fragrance 100%
I used this on my skin after my bath as i shaved my legs and they felt a bit dry i applied some of the revitalising balm and it made my legs feel silky smooth and smell fresh and clean. I also love the Fact the balm contains (100% natural. 89% organic ingredients) that are all natural and support your skin natural ability to heal and generate new skin cells.

Would i recommend this product?

Yes totally i love the fragrance and i love how the balm leaves you smelling fresh and how it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple  because its Made from natural ingredients so you can be assured that it is healthy and safe to use, and will re hydrate your skin putting back in the natural essential oils your skin needs.
Although the the price may be an issue for some people who are on a tight budget due to family commitments, or due to low income.
But i do think it is worth the price as it will last a while as a little bit of balm goes a long way and is made from 100% natural ingredients that support your skins natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells.

Pros and cons!


Natural ingredients
Leaves skin feeling soft
Leaves skin smelling fresh
Easy to use
Little bit of balm goes a long way
supports skins natural ability to heal
helps support skin's ability generate new skin cells


Some people may find the price abit expensive.

The con isn't really a con at all unless you're someone who has a tight budget at the moment but 
in the long run your skin will benefit better for paying a little bit extra as the ingredients are beneficial to you and your skin the product goes a long way you only need a little bit of balm and it does work.
so thats all for now everyone i hope you have enjoyed reading,
Thank you for reading my review on Botanicals revitalising balm hope to see you again soon.