Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cafe medi restaurant

image courtesy of cafe medi

Hey girls and guys today i am doing a review on cafe medi.
cafe medi is located in orpington kent.
2 of my good friends jude and kasia married each other and my other best friend amy just got engaged to her boyfriend dean,Also it was my hubby turned 31 on 11th july so we decided to go to cafe medi in orpington.
i am excited to share my views with you all has we all had a lovely time.
Hope you enjoy reading my review please feel free to comment below.

Cafe Medi in Orpington Review

first thoughts upon arrival

On arrival we was greeted and was shown to our table as we was going in a big group of 7
the table was nice and big the table layout was nice and simple but yet effective.
there was live music in the restaurant which also added a really nice atmosphere to the place.
The waitresses / waiters was very friendly and patient and said we can order from the drink menu whilst we all decided what we was all going to order from the menu.
So my hubby ordered a bottle of house champagne which was not to bad i liked it which says alot as i am not normally one for champagne so am very pleased.They then came back and took our orders and took great care to get the order right.
We didn't have to wait too long for our food either with approx 10-15min wait which i didn't mind because it gave us time to settle at the table and engage in each others conversation.


NO faults whatsoever everything was 100% spot on
The food was fresh and tasty and hot every single bite was enjoyable and delightful.
Heres what we ordered sorry if the pictures aint that great but there is some better photos,
on the cafe medi website that shows the restaurant and their food alot better

dean (pizza)
<-- I chose the margarita pizza the pizza was fresh and hot i thoroughly enjoyed it, it was very cheesy and i enjoyed every bite. it was quite filling as i couldn't eat it all so i gave 2 slices to my hubby, and a slice to our friend donny.

my friend dean choose the pepperoni pizza -->
which was very tasty he enjoyed it so much
that he had finished it all quickly i was still only half way on my pizza when he had finished his.

MY hubby choose roast lamb steak with a red wine rosemary sauce and roast potatoes.
He thoroughly enjoyed eating this dish, the lamb was quite tender and succulent the chef cooked it to perfection, the roast potatoes was rather tasty and went well with the lamb.
The sauce was reduced to the perfect consistency, the flavours were perfectly matched to the lamb and potatoes and brought the whole dish together, all the flavours worked and complimented each other.

My other friends choose the following below (pictures)

donny & kasia (carbonara)
amy (spag bol)
jude(seafood risotto)
All of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their dishes as well and were satisfied with the dishes they choose,
Not one of us had any complaints everything was right the dishes had lots of flavour the chef cooked everything to perfection, we was all very pleased with his cooking skills.
And the desert he made for my bf was yummy(Compliments to the chef)


The staff was very friendly, and helpful they went out their way to make sure we was happy with our food and made sure we was alright for drinks.
Also as it was my hubby’s birthday they gave him a tiramisu on the house with a candle lit.
Adrian the man who provides the live entertainment sung happy birthday and played happy birthday on his guitar this was a very nice gesture and really made the atmosphere extra special for my hubby on his birthday.

Live entertainment (sat only)

Adrian who is a guitarist and singer, makes the atmosphere in cafe medi very relaxed.
He plays the guitar and sings very well, a friendly guy who also will play and sing a song
if you request it and if its a song he can do, he played happy birthday for my hubby and sung, the whole restaurant joined it and sung happy birthday.
He also played and sung Thats a Amore

Overall verdict

we all had a very excellent evening and enjoyed the food thoroughly.
Adrian the man who sings and plays guitar added a very lovely atmosphere.
The staff at cafe medi was attentive and very friendly and polite.
cafe medi is 100% a great place to dine with friends,family,co-workers,
It is A lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere and fresh and tasty food.
The entertainment which they have on saturdays is very well suited to the restaurant,
It Adds a relaxed and happy environment to the place.
we couldn't fault the restaurant 1 bit and left feeling very happy and very full,
we will be going back again for sure as this is the best place we have been to so far.

Thank you for reading