Sunday, 20 July 2014

Little Big Printing

Hey everyone today i am reviewing little big printing and their services.
I hope you enjoy reading please feel free to comment below with questions you may have.
Also make sure you check out little big printing and if you order from them
if you could mention my name so they know how you found them that would be fantastic.

first of all I will write about the company.
Little big printing are a reliable reputable printing company that print your photos onto canvas.
Canvas prints are lovely and always add that extra special touch to any home.
Canvas prints are also a lovely gift for friends or family may it be a photo of a pet,child,landscape
little big printing can put it onto a high quality canvas for you at a low price.

Little big printing also print flyer's, banners and business cards.
flyer's and banners are great for those of you who want to promote your companies,or events.
business cards are another must have thing for those who run a business as handing your business card to a fellow person can increase your clientele.
Little big printing print all of these things at a high quality but at a affordable price.
meaning you still get the best but don't have to pay out a lot of money.

Little Big Printing is a great and very friendly from the moment they got my photos they was already getting onto the job of putting my photos onto canvas.
Little big printing put all their efforts into making sure the customer is happy with their purchases.
They made sure i was happy with my canvases and that everything was OK i like this with companies purely because its great when companies put their customers first.
(they sure know how to please a customer)

So here's the part where i review the canvas, and phone case.

The first canvas is made from kiln dried pine ( £5 more)
This is one of my fave photos of my daughter as she was pointing at her daddy telling him he was fired ha ha.
The canvas is perfect and great quality and very sturdy this is far better than the Eco range in my eyes because its a little bit more sturdier, so it is definitely worth paying the extra £5 as the quality of the frame is a lot better.

The second canvas is made from MDF (Eco range)
This one i choose of my daughter is when she was younger.
This one is the Eco range still great quality but not as sturdy as the first canvas but the size is amazing for the price and the quality is fair. 

There are other sizes available.
To find out more about little big printing canvas sizes and prices etc please check little big printings website

Personalised Phone Case

I love the phone case the photo quality is great i choose the photo that was taken of me and my best friend in 2013.
The case fits my phone perfectly (samsung galaxy s3),little big printing also do personalised cases for other phones and tablets ie iphone,ipad etc You can find little big printing photo phone and tablet cases prices here


I am extremely pleased with the service i received from little big printing.
I would recommend them they got the order right and shipped quickly, 
The canvas was well packaged to ensure they arrived safely and in one piece.
little big printing also kept me updated on the process of my order to let me know when it was shipped and gave a tracking number so i could track my parcel whilst it was on its way to me via the couriers.

The staff was very polite when communicating with them regarding my order.

I am very pleased with my personalised phone case, and extremely happy with my canvases The dried pine framed canvas is my favourite canvas out of the two as it is far better frame quality than the Eco canvas frame which is made out of MDF but yeah they are both very great for the price. I cant wait to use this company again for Xmas pressies etc as the personalised prints really do make lovely gifts for your loved ones.

A few questions and answers!

Would i recommend this company?
Yes i would they are reliable and shipped quickly.

What else to little printing do?
canvas prints and other amazing services ie t shirt printing,personalised mugs,key rings, business cards.flyer's,banners etc.

How can i contact little big printing?
you can contact little big printing via Facebook and also via the website,Twitter.

How much are the canvas to buy?
Canvas prints start from £8 upwards.
Thank you for reading my review on Little Big Printing and their services.
Caroline xx