Thursday, 24 July 2014

sweet cecily's lip balms

                                   Today I will be reviewing 3 lip balms from Sweet Cecily's.

We all know how lip balms are perfect for keeping our lips soft lets just face it no-one likes having dry cracked lips, these lip balms are lovely and help keep lips soft i have 3 of the flavour lip balms.

Pina colada,mojito,which are two of sweet cecily's best sellers,I also have one of these new flavours that is gonna launch soon which is my favorite out of them all this flavour is espresso martini.
you can find out more about the other flavours/fragrances sweet cecily's sell here 

Heres what I thought of the lip balms from sweet cecilys.

Very nice lip balms i love the fragrance of them, my favorite one is the one soon to be launched which is the espresso martini, but mojito one is also very nice, i wasn't to keen on the pina colada as the smell wasn't strong enough for my liking.
I think the price is very affordable at just 2.95 it won't break the bank also the lip balms come in very lovely packaging so they look pretty wherever you store them, shelve,dressing table,bag etc.

The balms are easy to apply although i find holding the container and rubbing on lips applies better as i found when using my finger to apply the lipgloss soaked into my skin to quick so not much went on lips so would suggest holding the container and rubbing on lips that way your lips will get a nice coating of it.

All About The Fragrance 

Mojito I loved the smell of this one very fresh and kinda minty defo the smell you want on your lips when on a date or maybe at a meeting.I love this one it reminds me of the morning when you brush your teeth and smell minty fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Espresso martini I really did love this one it was my favorite of them all as it smells like espresso as a massive coffee drinker I adore this fragrance although does make me crave more coffee/espresso when I smell it, its divine every coffee lover's
dream come true.

Pinacolada well first of all I didn't think the smell was strong enough didn't remind me much of pinacolada at all but did have a slight fragrance to it, the lip balm was nice on the lips and very gentle. I got my hubby to smell it and he said he could smell the pineapple, but I couldn't smell it as much maybe he as better sense of smell than

Overall verdict

I really love the fragrances of cecily lip balms i would recommend them the price is affordable.
I am not keen on the pina colada as the smell wasn't strong enough for my liking but would suggest buying the flavours you like the sound of. the packaging is very nice and looks great.
One of the things i want to please with was when applying it with finger didn't feel like my lips was getting much balm on them so i found applying straight to your lips from the pot worked better for me, so if you do buy these give that tip a little try and let me know if it work better.
My lips did stay soft for long time But wasn't glossy or wet so for those of you who like wet gloss that stays wet for longer this one doesn't do that.

lips feel soft for long time
pretty packaging
nice fragrances.

Pina Colada fragrance wasn't strong enough for my liking.
when applying it with finger finger soaks it up before u can put it on lips.
(way to solve this is hold the pot n rub it on lips that way)

Questions and answers.

Where can i buy these lip balms?
You can buy them from the sweet cecily's website.

How much are they to buy?
They are around £2.95.

What other flavours do they do?
earl grey,chocolate and more.

What else do cecily's sell?
Hand cream,face mask and more check out the Sweet cecily shop

How can i contact with sweet cecily's?
Twitter  facebook website
Thank you for reading my review on Lip Balms from Sweet Cecily's.

Caroline xx