Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dyson hoover

Dyson dc41 animal hoover .

dyson website
I got the Dyson dc41 which is an animal hoover which means it is great for picking up pet hair that gets trapped into carpet,rugs,beds,chairs ect.
i would recommend the dyson dc41 to people with pets and without pets to get your carpets clean.

there is also an extendable attachment which is for celings and stairs meaning you don't have to carry the hoover up every step. 
the plug cable is also long which makes it easy to hoover even if the nearest socket is in the other room .
it is a bag less hoover which is easy to empty and meaning no more buying hoover bags. ( another good point about being a bag less if u hoover something up that you dint wanna hoover up u can located it easier )

 it is really powerful with great suction leaving your floors super clean.
the ball means you can go around corners easier n clean :)
when your hoovering from a carpet onto floor the hoover carry's on and doesn't get stuck as the plate adjusts itself leaving you to get on with hoovering :) 

Over all id say 9/10 stars :) only downside really is that it is a noisy hoover..
but other then that its the best hoover
ive ever owned.
.they even sell a dog grooming attachment for those of you who have doggys 

thank you for reading :)