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Vaping Safety And Information

Vape Safety And Information
Hey guys and girls As promised I am back with another vape related post.
This will be one of the most important blog posts regarding vaping you will ever read.
Over the years there has been some small bag press about vaping and how people have been burnet with their mods, this isn't because of vaping at all. This is because of people not following safety and not buying from reputable shops. I will try explain more within the post.

If after you read this post there is anything else you like to add feel free to leave your safety tips regarding vaping in the comments below, to help other vapers and beginner vapers to stay safe anyway enough of my babbling let's get our safety goggles on, Before we go ahead Vaping and Smoking is for over 18’s Only although some sites state over 21’s only So I am afraid if you're underage this post won't be suited to you. But might be for an adult you know who smokes or vapes so feel free to send them the link instead, or read the blog post anyway so you can share some helpful tips to any adults you know who vape or smoke.

General Safety Getting Started.

Before you make any steps Research vaping, and the types of vape mods you can get there is so many, i started out on a pen it did help me but they're nowhere as good as the more newer vape mods, so anyway where were we? research the type of vape mod you would like, when you have found one you like the look or sound off, research that mod for reviews and also  ask a few vape shops if need be to what that mod is like and if it is any good, price of coils for it etc the more you know about the mod before you buy it the better!!

Step 1
General safety this is the most obvious safety even though some people do not follow this. You should Always buy from a reputable company when it comes to the mods and batteries, not only because it means you will be safe but you know where to return it if the mod goes wrong or you need some help with it, don't buy from any old back street shop, look for a vape shop that is retuble and not the ones you generally find in town that sell a few vape things as well as handbags and other knock of gear.

Step 2
Now you have brought your mod, RTFM which means read the frigging manual, yes I said frigging was gonna swear then remembered I do have some young readers.
Anyway as I was saying read the manual and get to know your mod, do not mess around with the mod if you do not know what you are doing, the manual is your best friend. If you still unsure Ask your local vape shop they are there to help.
Step 3
Now you know how to use your mod, and have brought juice for it and all the rest of the things you have learnt ie how to change coils and how to fill up the tank for your mod.
There is some really important saftey things you should know and I suggest you do not skip reading this part because it is really important that you read so you don't get hurt.

I hope you still have your safety goggles on when you're reading this safety should always come first before anything else, if you want to be safe continue reading to find out the important parts of keeping safe whilst vaping, you may want to bookmark this blog post to go back to as and when you need to recap or to send to a friend who has started vaping?

Battery Safety

Buying Batteries
As with most things there are many fakes and clones on the market, you would not want to be burnt or even want your mod to go bang in your pocket. Please always buy from a reputable place as there is a lot of fake batteries on the market these are batteries but are not made to safety standards which means if something goes wrong you will have trouble sueing the person who is to blame for making fake batteries.  

Always buy from a proper vape shop where you know the batteries are safe and if anything should go wrong that isn't your fault or down to stupidity ie not storing them properly  you know who to go back to to tell them and get the battery makers to resolve the issues.

Storing Your Batteries
don't be a twat and keep batteries in your pocket or bag alongside keys and coins unless you want to become a human firework. It is really simple keep batteries in a special battery case which most vape shops do sell with batteries, also don't carry batteries in pocket or bag in general even if you don't have keys in there always keep them in a case so they are protected and a lot safer.
Keep batteries out of direct sunlight, so keep away from window seals, car dashboards car seats cars do get hot so you need to make sure you ain't left batteries in your hot car. Also keep away from hair dryers cookers and so on, batteries and sunlight and heat to not mix well that is asking for trouble so don't be silly be responsible.

Charging Your Batteries
When charging your batteries make sure you are going to be around, do not leave batteries on charge unattended this does not mean you need to sit there staring at them, It means just don't go sleep or go away for a weekend or go out shopping whilst there on charge.

Disposing Of Dead Worn Out Batteries
When you're batteries are dead or are worn out make sure you dispose of them correctly, do not throw these in a normal bin because this can be dangerous.
You can find dedicated recycling bins for batteries at some supermarkets if you're unsure on how to dispose of them it might be a good idea to ask your local authority or you're local vape shop might be a better idea as they sell batteries all the time etc.

Mod Safety

Buying A Mod
Buying a mod may it be a regulated mod or a mechanical mod always buy from a reputable shop or company they will not only sell you a mod that is not a clone they will also help  find a mod right for your needs as well as right for your budget they will also help pick out a juice for your vape needs may it be 0 nicotine or 3 mg nicotine or higher nicotine levels.

Charging Your Mod
Charging your mod is a bit like charging your batteries, do not leave it unattended on charge.make sure when it is charged you take them off charge do not overcharge your batteries/mod some mods charge via usb and others you can't charge by usb, either way and however you charge your mod do not leave it on charge overnight or whilst you are out.

Handling Your Mod Day To Day
Always carry your mod around with you safely do not store in your bag or pocket because you're mod can not only overheat but it can also fire ie the button you use to press to vape can be knocked and end up burning you or the contents of your bag this is extremely dangerous. Always make sure you carry your mod with you and do not put it against keys and coins like with the batteries

Mechanical Mod !!!
If you're using a mechanical mod please use ohm's laws which you can find out about further down in this blog post, which is very important if you do not follow this you are in danger.
Storing Your Mod
When you are not using you Mod ie when you are in bed you can store it anywhere that is safe out of reach of children, sunlight, pets, and heat to be extra safe take the batteries out of the mod aswell and store them in a battery case or silicone sleeve.

Tank And Dripper Safety

Buying A Tank Or Dripper For Your Mod
I know i keep having to say this but always buy from a reputable company or vape shop when it comes to tanks and Drippers you can never be to safe when it comes to tanks and drippers for your mod, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Using Your Tank Or Dripper With Your Mod.
When using a tank you have to be careful that you are filling it properly and the same goes for juicing up your dripper if you are using a dripper on your mod. If you are unsure ask your local vape shop to show you how to use it and fill it or juice it up the right way they all good vape shops will be more then happy to help you.

Drippers For Newbies?
Yes I am a newbie an using a dripper but only because my hubby is maintaining it for my ie building my coils for me and making sure everything is fine with it. If you're a newbie a tank would be a lot better for you any good vape shop can help you with all of this and set you up with a good setup mod and tank that suits your needs.

Looking After Your Tank And Dripper?
Looking After Your Tank is important you treat it like you would fine china, tanks are made of glass so you must make sure you don't drop them not only is this dangerous because it's glass but also not good for you to have to replace as some tanks can get expensive to keep replacing. Don't let your tanks get too hot, and keep out of reach of children.

Coil Safety

Building Coils
If you are building your own coils or getting them made for you by a friend you need to be really sure that the coils are built within the safe ranges to your batteries. Yes this can be confusing but you can find out more about this online and any good reputable vape shop that know their stuff most vape shops are always happy to help where they can.

But if you're using a tank that uses premade shop coils you should always buy your coils from an online vape shop or you're local vape shop.

Building Coils For Mech Mods as explained earlier you need to be following ohm's laws for coils on mech mods, if you do not follow ohm’s laws you're putting yourself and others at risk of injury please be careful that you fully understand ohm's laws before using a mech mod.

There is so many different wires for building coils, although if you're a newbie like myself I wouldn't suggest building your own coils yet, but you can buy coils from your vape shop.
When you're more experienced at vaping and have done research on coil building then maybe you can start to build your own coils I am not sure if all vape shops do it but my local vape shop Vape.rm do coil building nights on fridays, and are happy to help show you how to build coils, or build you a fresh coil on the night.

Replacing Coils
You will need to replace your coils every so often depending on how much you vape some people replace their coils every few days, some change monthly it is always best to change your coils if you haven't done so in a while. To get better knowledge on when is best to change yours speak to your local vape shop if in doubt as they can check your coils for you and advise you how often to change them depending on how often you vape, what mod tank you're using etc.

Ohm's Law

The most Important Thing Ohm’s laws can get confusing even for myself, ohmz laws are very important part of staying safe whilst vaping if you're using a mech mod, I will add links to some sites as well to try help explain things better.

Websites that explains Ohm’s Laws better.

This Ohm’s calculator is also helpful.

You can find out more about All vape safety on these following websites.
That explain things into detail that might be helpful also for you.

Some Retuble Online Vape Shops
Vape.Rm -link coming soon

Thanks For Reading I think i have covered all of it forgive me if I have missed anything out feel free to comment below any safety advice you may have every bit of information counts and is very helpful to us all. Know I didn't talk much about juice but that is kinda the same rule about buying from reputable companies although some people make their own but that's a whole blog post full of information in itself also an wouldn't advise you make you're own if you're newbie but maybe it be a blog post for me to write at a later stage who knows.

Thanks again for reading