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EcoEgg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Hey guys and girls I am back with another review yay this time one that involves you doing your chores boo as much as most of us may find housework boring or even enjoy it but find it tiring the best part of doing the chores/housework us using products that we love.
May it be the smell or how well it works there is always a favorite product we love using.
So I am going to write a review on eco egg fabric conditioner read more to find out if I liked it or not and if it is something I would recommend to you all.

About EcoEgg
Ecoegg are a company that care about the environment and people, they have a lovely range of products that are kind to you and the environment. Their great value for money products are sold on their website, and sometimes on qvc and a few other places. EcoEgg have won awards for their products and well deserved awards at that. Ecoegg are eco by name and eco by nature they are truly a company that set a good example by using ingredients that are not harsh and are always bringing out new amazing products.

EcoEggs Fabric Conditioner
Ecoegg concentrated fabric conditioner is concentrated meaning you only need 1-2 squirts per wash although for me I always like using the normal amount but that is because of my ocd and wanting my washing to feel and smell clean.

if you choose a fragrance one it is only slightly fragranced this is due to it been gentle on the skin and not being harsh like some other ones.  Although I do prefer my washing smelling strong of nice smells, I found this one didn't really make my washing smell like my other fabric conditioners do to my washing which I am used to.

The bottle is big meaning great value for money because it can last upto a year.
But it may run out quicker if you do washing more than the average person or if you have a big family or just love using more than required. Also comes with a pump meaning it is easy to dispense into your washing machine draw without worrying about spillage and waste

Overall verdict

I do love this product but For me even though the fabric conditioner is a great size and lasts upto a year, and is not harsh on the skin like other brands, it is not really one I would buy myself mainly because I am used to strong scents. But I would recommend it to others mainly those who want a fabric conditioner kind to skin and the environment.

I really love the pump action as mentioned above it is great way for less spillage and waste as you can easy pump couple squirts into wash or get your kids to help you as long as you supervise them as some may over pump it or try eat it.

It did make my clothes feel a tad softer but didn't notice a big major difference to the clothes they felt lovely and soft how clothes normally come out but this all depends I guess on washing powder too.  

The product is great for value with it lasting upto a year but you may go through it quicker if you wash clothes all day everyday like most of us do who have endless amounts of washing to do all the time.

So basicly overall I do love ecoegg brand itself and I have tried a few of their products now for me this is a great product however it wasn't one of the best ones I have tried from eco egg  so isn't one I will rave about other than for the great value for money and kind to skin. So overall it is not a bag product or anything like that just a personal preference that I like stronger scents.


There is a big promotion coming on the 3rd december make sure you head over to ecoegg in december for the big promotion, I am sworn to secrecy to the promotion amount but it will be one you don't want to miss especially if you are wanting to buy any off eco eggs products.

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