Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Its Been A Long Time

A Little Update About My Health

Hey guys and girls sorry it's been a very long time but I hope you are all well.
So this is my first blog post of 2017 and i feel really bad for not doing a post already.
However since last year I have not been well and I have been focusing on myself for a bit.

Long story short July last year I had sudden head pains worse than migraines worse than childbirth these pains was so bag they are paralysing and not even tramadol and codeine would touch the pain.

Anyway nearly a year on I still get pains now and then, more so if I am stressed or straining, and one of the main ones that sets my pains of is sweeteners in food some companies don't even label it so even when I am avoiding it I eat something and end up in so much pain laid up on sofa with severe sickness and can not eat it really sucks because I hate been unwell not been able to function.

The cause of my pains from a scan I had showed I have brain aneurysms so I am having to be careful at the moment, so apologies if I do not post as often blog as often I find it hard to do when I am in pain.

I do have other health issues alongside this one of which is my anxiety which comes when it feels like it.
I am Also been tested for a few other things Such as diabetes, and something related to thyroid function.
All these little things are keeping me busy appointments on top of family life so im sorry I am not here often.

I really wish I can remember everything right from the beginning or had blogged about my Head Pains from when it happened but when it all started last year I was in so much pain I couldn't even bare the sunlight coming in the window, and didn't wanna bore you all with complaining about my pains and doctors telling me my scan was fine when it wasn't it as been a long roller coaster but I am hoping to be back.

Im rambling now so I will keep this short and sweet.
I am going to try get a post up real soon of some e juices when I can for you all to read.
I do love blogging it is my hobby my passion It really helps me zone out for a little bit and get lost in my writing, and interacting with my lovely followers you are all amazing and wonderful.

Was thinking of idea for blog post?
Question time with me? ( ask me anything)

What do you think?
If so can comment below with a few questions,

Lots of love