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Amy Victoria Diffusers

Hey guys and girls Hope you are all well, I am back with a review that most of you will enjoy, if you love your bedroom or home smelling nice keep reading I won't keep you much longer let's get down to the review and what amy victoria and their reed diffusers are all about which amy victoria was kind enough to let me choose and send me a Diffuser to Test for you all. I choose patchouli and bergamot as it sounded like a lovely fragrance for the home.

About Amy Victoria 
Amy Victoria began to provide a natural way to fragrance your home. They provide an alternative to synthetic home fragrance products which can be bad for our health and smell fabricated.What Makes Them different, is that they only use essential oils to fragrance their products, a 100% natural and premium ingredient. These quality oils leave your home smelling beautiful and elegant, and they achieve this using completely natural ingredients.  All of their products are hand blended and poured and packaged in Canterbury, England. Amy Victoria puts the same love and attention into every diffuser they make.

First Impressions On My Reed Diffusers
When My Postman Arrived I took the parcel from him and went and opened it right away.
I was taken back by how beautiful the packaging was as it is simple but elegant.
I then opened the packaging and reached inside to pull out the diffuser and reeds. Carefully taking off the little cork I sniffed to see what the fragrance was like. wow I was impressed I got a lovely hint of men's aftershave I was so pleased it smelt very nice and then started looking around the flat to where I could place it to make it smell nice so thought I will keep it in the lounge as its big room I put all the reeds in the diffuser to test if you have smaller room you only need a couple bigger the room more reeds or diffusers you will need.

Testing Time
After having the reeds in the diffuser for a while I went back to lounge and couldn't smell much all though I had used all the reeds as you need to put all the reeds in diffuser if it is a large room, so I decided to move the diffuser to the bathroom as it is small and has no windows so I closed the door and went to do my housework then went back upstairs went into the bathroom and wow It smelt wonderful it worked and worked really well so moved the reeds back down stairs anyway I worked out why it didn't work in my lounge even though I used All reeds it was cos my lounge is bigger than the average room as it its around 17ft so I think I will need 2 or 3 diffusers for my lounge so I am gonna carry on using the diffuser in my bathroom I think for now.

What I thought About The Reed Diffuser
I do really love It however I would suggest if you have a 17ft lounge like me you may need to order a couple or so but might be an idea for the company to make larger ones for people who have massive lounges or bedrooms etc to save them from buying 2 or 3 as one larger one would be ideal.

Overall Verdict
Overall I was pleased with the product, the packaging was lovely, the fragrance was stunning,I do really love the product however I was disappointed it wasn't effective in my lounge, but that isn't down to the company its because I was a 17ft lounge. But I was happy it worked in my bathroom and how wonderful the smell lingers even if you remove the diffuser from that room after it is been in there a while, I was also happy to know all the products was made and packaged here in england it is nice to see more and more companies like this there is something really lovely about locally sourced products. For me the fragrance was amazing reminded me of a men's aftershave. 

I am also very pleased with the company itself with all the hard work Amy Victoria have put into their company and all of their products they have really worked hard.They have a lovely little selection of fragrances to choose from which is lovely. They ship out their products as quick as possible which is also a great thing and are very helpful if you have questions about the products as i had a couple myself when the diffuser didn't want to work well in the lounge they was on hand to help which I am so happy and confident in their customer service which is really top notch. Not sure what else to say now but I will include some questions and answers of anything I may have missed out above just so everything is covered.

Questions And Answers 

How Much Are The Diffusers To Buy?
Currently The Diffusers Are £24.95 To Buy From Amy Victoria.

What Other Fragrances Does Amy Victoria Sell?
They Have A Small Few You Can See Here On The Website.

How Long Do The Diffusers Last?
They Last Around 4-8 Weeks Depending On How Many Sticks You Use Etc.

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