Monday, 24 October 2016

Update October 2016

Hi guys and girls sorry it Has been so long feels like a lifetime since I last was here.
I have not been well since July with the head pains etc have had scans done etc, seen a neurologist but now waiting to see another neurologist who specialises in severe head pains. It is been a pretty rough ride for me i was going to do a blog post on the pains and things but it is such a long story with the pain lasting so long different patterns with the pains etc going to hosp then docs and so on I am still getting pains but not as severe as they was which is a good thing as when they was really bad I kept been sick and meds wouldn't help pain and made me more sick which i ended up losing a stone in weight which sucks big time with already been a skinny Minnie. Also regards to my health I had a dental x ray and need a few teeth out think they must be my wisdom's but seems one is under the gum vertical and on other side tooth growing into bone or something weird. But hoping everything will be all sorted soon.

Enough about that anyway hope you are all well

As some of you may know I gave up smoking a while ago for 2 whole years, but then may this year started smoking again, I know i know I was doing so well and on that note I am going to try give up again this time with the Ijoy lux mod I won a few months ago which I let hubby have and use. Now he has brought himself a mech mod he has given me my Ijoy lux mod back which I am chuffed about.

So you may notice a good few vape related posts over the next coming months so I do hope I won't scare you all off etc if those kind of posts ain't for you that is ok because I will still be blogging about other things when I get a chance so feel free to message me with anything you may like to see on my blog, such has 50 things about me, or any other subject you may feel you like me to talk about and I will try my best to get it on my blog.

Anyway that was a quick update for you all,
I will be back shortly with a review.

Speak soon my beauties
Thank you for reading