Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Liquiproof Review

Hey girls and guys, I am back with another review bit later than expected as I am still unwell with bag head pains which have had everyday for 3 weeks but due a mri scan on saturday.
Anyway hope you enjoy reading this review and enjoy finding out about this product.
I was sent a full size sample of liquiproof by the company in exchange for a honest review.
Please leave any comments or questions after you have finished reading thank you.

About The Product
Liquiproof is a product designed for many materials, you spray it on rub it in, leave it for ten mins reapply, then leave for 24 hours, liquiproof can turn shoes bags and many other things waterproof meaning no more fearing of going into the rain in your favorite shoes.

About The Company
Taken from the liquiproof website.
Like you, our founder, Caner Veli, was tired of having his shoes ruined by weather and accidental spills. He looked for something that could help but didn't have much luck. He wanted something that actually worked, was affordable, easy to apply and lasted longer than two weeks. He knew of other hydrophobic sprays on the market but these contained harmful substances and left a visible white residue on the surface.

Nothing lived up to his requirements – so he set out to fill the gap in the market for a reliable footwear protector himself. After a long period of research and development, Liquiproof was born in 2011. Caner continued to develop the product and in Jan 2014 launched the brand to the world. Within a short amount of time the product received much praise and quickly became recognised as the leading protector on the market.

Currently providing protection for footwear and furnishings, we are continuing to develop the range of products that help in everyday life whilst preserving the environment with non-hazardous and non-toxic protection formulas. Our aim is to keep people looking smart and feeling good everyday, while saving them money with the use of this remarkable technology.

First impressions
I was abit skeptical at first There was no way in my mind that I thought this product would work due to knowing my shoes are not waterproof at all and there was no way in my mind that a product could change this about my shoes.

Time To test
So Ii couldn't sleep and it was about 1am I was about to go up to bed so before I did i sprayed the liquiproof on a small section of my shoes and rubbed in, i did not reply it as it says on the bottle as you ment to re-apply it 10 minutes after then leave it for 24 hours, anyway I went to bed and the next day about 11pm not even been on 24 hours my hubby decided to put water on my canvas shoes to see if it had worked.

Wow hubby calls me into kitchen to show me how it had worked, baring in mind i did not reapply it and did not leave it for the full 24 hours, my mind was totally blown away, how could this be possible, the water was just not sinking into the shoe, I am so pleased with the results I am tempted to use it on many more things including my heart umbrella and my handbag and many more things around the home which Id love to be waterproof.

Effective Uses
-Children's clothing, Bibs & Toys.
-Handbags & Purses
-All kinds of footwear
-Hiking & Camping gear.
-Sofas & Upholstery
-Jackets & Coats
-Wedding Dresses
-Suits & Ties

Overall verdict
Overall I am very impressed with liquid proof not only did it work 100% more than I expected I didn't even leave it on for the whole 24 hours which was double impressive. I am super impressed with how easy it is to apply and how it doesn't have any harsh smells.I love the fact it comes in a nice bottle which means no need to make up a mixture everything you need is in that bottle, the only thing it does not come with a brush/cloth to rub the product in but looking on the website they do sell liquid proof with a handy brush for those who would like to have a brush with their bottle of liquid proof especially for using liquiproof.

Just had a crazy thought it is a shame they can't make a hair spray that makes our hair water proof for the day everyone's dream maybe one day, liquiproof if you're reading you know it would sell well if you could make one for our hair pretty please hehe.

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Other products
Please see liquiproof website for the full range.

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