Thursday, 7 August 2014

Chatterbox walls

Chatterbox walls print!

Chatterbox Walls sent me a personalised print to review,
I choose the words on the print myself choose to do house rules.
( The size I ordered was 297mm x 210mm and it was £14.99 )
Chatterbox walls is a company that sells personalised prints to brighten up your walls,Their prints make lovely little gifts for friends or family as they are the kind of gift most people like.
chatterbox walls do many different designs of prints you can change the wording on most of them.
you can even Change the colour of the background or the colour of the text, Please visit chatterbox website to see designs.

When it arrived I was abit Disappointed how small the small print was and did find it a little expensive for what it was as most people can print these sort of things themselves at home.
However the quality of the print was to an high standard and the wording is crisp and easy to read so thats probably why its a little extra as well as the templates they use to make the prints are nicely designed.
Also there was a choice on the website to add a frame but it costs a bit extra which brings the total to a lot more But because I love budgeting and saving money I don't like how expensive these prints are and how it costs even more to have a frame.
But we are all different and have different views so im guessing there are people out there that wouldn't mind spending more money to add a frame, or spending extra to get a bigger size print.

However the Print is very lovely design and they got the wording i choose spot on.
I didn't take long to arrive at all which was good as i am not one for being patient.
Also their customer service is wonderful they are happy to help with anything you need.

  • Good customer service
  • Prints make good gifts
  • Prints are great quality
  • Company shipped item quickly
  • Wording is crisp and clear
  • printed on high quality paper

  • Frame costs extra
  • Prints are a little expensive for the size you get

So Thats My Review On Chatterbox Walls and Their Prints, I Hope You Have Enjoyed Reading.
All Views Are My Own Please Feel Free To Check Out Chatterbox Walls To See What Kind Of Prints They Sell.
You can also follow chatterbox walls on social media.

Thank you for reading