Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Photo made the paper

Hi guys and girls not a review today but thought id share something with you all.
I entered a competition (embarrassing terrifying photo) to win £50.
Well i didn't win the prize but my photo still made the paper I am not sure if i should hide behind a rock, or should just be very proud that i got some sort of publicity even though it is slightly embarrassing.
a few people shared it on social media including orpington gossip which is a page for my local area on facebook.

However i do hope the photo brings you some joy and laughter because if others are happy then I'm happy
Also kinda makes me happy is this photo has memories of a good night out with my friends, and the same photo which won me my chromebook with google which i used to write my blog posts for you all.

here is the newspaper i am in is the newshopper < click to read>

So thought id ask you all a question and get you all involved.
Have you ever experienced anything like this, have you been embarrassed about a photo put online?
maybe you have done something silly for a competition or dare id love to hear your stories
and comments.

Thank you for reading


Ps : taking autographs now if anyone wants one lol.