Monday, 3 November 2014

urban decay naked 3 pallet

Hello my lovelies today i am reviewing naked pallet by urban decay which is an eye shadow pallet.
of course I am sure you already knew that, for those of you who haven't tried or heard about naked 3 pallet keep reading as this is my first time owning a naked eye shadow palette.

House of Fraser was kind enough to send me this wonderful urban decay palette which does indeed look wonderful,so here is what I thought.
I have also uploaded a quick make up tutorial on you tube my first proper video on my channel at last please subscribe if you have you tube.

First impressions of urban decay naked 3 eye shadow pallet.

Well When my urban decay naked 3 eye shadow arrived i was suitably impressed, first of all the tin container the eye shadow sits in, is an wonderful touch which i like as it gives it a nice feel, rather than the plastic containers most eye shadows come in.

when I opened it to look at the eye shadows themselves I was amazed to wonderful colours.
I especially like the black heart eye shadow as it kind of mysterious, I do love all the colours, i probley nearly own every colour eye shadow imaginable well almost, but out of all my eye shadows naked 3 palette is the most expensive eye shadow palette I have owned and I can say the quality is superfine.

Show me the colours of the eye shadows!

Below I have listed the name of the colours that are in the naked 3 
pallet also some photos so you can see what they look like.

  • Strange
  • Dust
  • Burnout
  • Limit 

  • Buzz
  • Trick
  • Nooner
  • Liar

  • Factory
  • Mugshot
  • Dark side
  • Black heart

  • Make up tutorial 

    I have also added A Make up tutorial video…..
    It is my first video tutorial so please excuse any mistakes I made my stuttering or weird blinking I was nervous.

    Overall verdict.

    I am pretty impressed with urban decay's naked 3 pallet, the eye shadows felt light on and did not feel heavy and clogged like most other eye shadows do.
    There is plenty of colours in the pallet to create different looks i especially loved the black heart as it adds mystery.

    the price of the pallet from house of Fraser is £36 so a bit pricey if you're on a budget.
    but i must add you do get quality for this price. quality as in the eye shadows feel lovely on,they look amazing, they have primer in each sample pod is about a weeks worth of primer.

    I would recommend this product to those who have a slightly big budget or for those of you who are looking for an eye shadow that ain't heavy.
    If you think you wouldn't pay this price for an eye shadow pallet that is fine as we all have preferences when it comes to buying, for example set budgets on items i for one have done this many times as a young mum.

    But here is a suggestion for those on a budget  head to a beauty counter and ask if you could try naked pallet as some department stores do makeovers showing you items that work well with your skin tone.

    *if you are not keen on the naked 3 eye shadow colours naked do sell other pallets with other colours just ask your nearest beauty counter.

    > that is all for now thank you for reading I hope to be back soon hopefully if its a video included review again or a video on my you tube channel that I wont be as nervous :)

    Questions and answers!

    Q:How much is urban decay naked3 pallet to buy?
    A: £36 from house of Fraser.

    Q: what does the eye shadow feel like on?
    A: it feels really nice not as heavy as other eye shadows.

    Q: does the brush come with it?
    A: yes the brush is included it is double sided one brush is for the whole eyelid the other is for the crease.

    Q: is it easy to use?
    A: yes indeed.

    speak soon, stay beautiful