Friday, 7 November 2014

Octobers 2014's Degustabox

Octobers DegustaboxUK
Hi everyone I am back again with DegustaBox UK this is Octobers box I received.
I Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween to those that celebrate it.
myself and hubby and our daughter had a good one we took her trick or treating and she went dressed as a zombie witch and i went has a zombie dancer, and hubby went as the old style dotty cartoon people back from the old days.

sorry for the late post there was bit of a mix up which I did not mind because it means I get to eat these lovely treats now the weather has turned gloomy.
As some of you know I have reviewed one of these lovely boxes before which contained a variety of items.

Anyway yet again hubby was as excited as I was when i opened it and peaked inside i saw all these sweet tasty goodies and gasped oh my gosh oh my gosh. hubby was excited and I showed him the box he looks and licked his lips and said wow.

Anyway here what was inside my Octobers Degustabox.

Dr Oetker
cocoa powder  rrp: £1.89
Extra dark chocolate. rrp:£2.49

Both these items are amazing for baking and add great flavour and taste to home made chocolate cake,chocolate brownies and many other items you can bake.

 high quality products to use in your baking
why try the rest when you can try the best.
( there are other good ones out there but Dr Oetker  is one of my favourite brands to bake with)

Toasted marshmallow crème
rrp: £1.99

Sweet and perfect for making marshmallow fudge.
brings the camping life in doors you never be short of toasted marshmallow.
can use in baking experiment with the taste of solo.

(no need for a camp fire enjoy in the comfort of your home)
why not try using this on cupcakes.

Jelly belly
Jelly beans rrp £2.50
sweet tasty and come in a resealable bag,
I love these jelly beans as it contains loads of nice flavours
and you can eat 2 or 3 at once to make another flavour.
 (blueberry pie, strawberry's and cream)

Bear paw strawberry and apple.
rrp: £0.55

the bear cereals was a free sample they added.
to try both these items I am going to let my 5 year old daughter try as they are healthy snacks.

Brioche Pasquier
Sliced brioche loaf

Have not tried this yet but cant wait to try as it looks great. I am always up for trying new things so cant wait to give this a try.
my hubby says he has tried this before so least I know it wont go to waste if I dont like it.

Enhance drinks.
Enhance apple and black current.

I am new to trying these drinks,this little container makes 32 drinks.
you only need a little squirt per glass of water which is nice as you could take this in your hand bag out with you ask for a glass of water in a restaurant and add this to it. (money saving tip there)

Brioche Pasquier
Pain Au Lait with  chocolate chips.

I haven't tried these yet but cant wait to try them as my hubby says they are nice.
I guess These will be nice for a treat after a small dinner or maybe for lunch.
even to use with baking a nice dessert.

Kent's Kitchen
(meal kit) rrp: £2.50

i love the idea of this as i adore a good curry it contains 3 pots one garlic infused oil, some spices, and some curry paste. all you need to add is your chicken and rice etc you can make a meal in about 20-30 mins which is amazing.

Kent's kitchen has a few different flavours in this range.

why not give it a try invite a few friends over for dinner party
cook a nice meal see what they think of your cooking skills with the help of Kent's kitchen.

Blue dragon 
Sweet chilli sauce.
rrp: £1.39

I adore eating this chilli sauce its perfect for many things may it be inside a cheese sandwich, or as a dip for chicken dippers or even a salad dressing i love the taste and flavour so was very pleased to have two of these in my box.

have you tried these if so what did you use them with?
I have included some ideas at bottom of the review for you to maybe try.

Kellogs Special K 
cracker crisps barbecue flavour.
rrp: £1.89

These tasted yummy and very light  but yet full of flavour.
I ate these Ones whilst writing up the review.
dont tell anyone,well its not that naughty we all deserve a treat.

Also with this pack there is a promotion on witch ends next year.
if you collect 3 tokens you get to claim a free beach bag

have you tried these yet?
If so what did you think of them?
contains nuts.

Nutty flapjack rrp £1.30

Healthy and tasty in a bar, for those on a diet,
or those who want to eat a little bit more healthy.
you wont be disappointed these flapjacks taste great.

(contains nuts not suitable for anyone with allergy)
if you do have a nut allergy why not try baking some
nut free flapjacks there are many great recipes On-line.

benecol yoghurt rrp ?

(There was also a voucher inside to get some free benecol Yoghurts which was nice which means when I finally manage to get a free moment to pop to town i can collect them.
which means they will be fresh and cold when i get them from the shop which is great because it shows  the company had thought of me the customer)

Recipe ideas for the sweet chilli sauce.

Ham, cheese and sweet chilli bagels.
  • lightly toast your bagels
  • add a light spread of butter or soft cheese,
  • add ham
  • add grated cheese
  • add drizzle of sweet chilli sauce
  • put bagel together
  • enjoy

Sweet chilli and cheese sandwiches.
( this one is obvious but adding instructions anyway)
  • get 2 slices of bread
  • butter the bread
  • slice the cheese carefully
  • place cheese onto your buttered bread
  • drizzle over sweet chilli sauce
  • our the slices of bread together
  • cut in half
  • enjoy

Chicken Dippers with a Sweet Chilli Dip.
(only cooking involved is the chicken dippers)
  • Cook chicken dippers
  • check chicken dippers are cooked
  • put your chicken dippers on the plate
  • add the sweet chilli sauce on the side
  • enjoy

Chicken, salad with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce recipe 
(only cooking involved is the chicken which means a quick dinner)
  • cook your chicken, 
  • make sure chicken is cooked,
  • cut chicken into strips or cubes.
  • add cooked chicken to bowl
  • add lettuce, tomatoes whatever you love in your salad
  • drizzle over the sweet chilli sauce 
  • add crotons
  • enjoy

With the recipes if your a vegetarian you can substitute the meat so insted of ham, use Quorn ham.
insted of chicken you can use Quorn pieces witch are like chicken ad can season them too add flavour as Quorn can be bland on its own.

Maybe your abit more creative than what I am and have a better recipe?

My Overall Verdict Of This Months DegustaBox UK.

I was very surprised as there was A lot of sweet treats but seeing as it was Octobers box it made sense with it being halloween and all that even though the box wasn't delivered until november, which didn't bother me to much as i was told in advance that there was going to be bit of delay which was nice of company to let me know.

I especially love the cocoa chocolate And cocoa powder because it means hubby has no excuse not to make his famous chocolate cakes he loves baking and can bake really well.
i also love the idea of the meal kit because if you're like me and love a curry the meal kit is perfect for making your own curry which is nice because home made curry means no need for a take away which means money saved.

overall really i loved pretty much everything in my box i do love my food though and anything i dont eat hubby finishes off anyway which is good. I am looking forward to November and Decembers box because we all know what December means Christmas.

Remember guys and girls!

If you would still like to get your hands on you very own degusta box you can
Use my special discount code  4HLU8  to claim your special offer.
(£3.00 discount when registering)

Remember you can cancel your boxes at anytime as long as you give the company notice before they ship  another box but it is really lovely and for the price you pay you get your moneys worth and more.
the items are worth much more than you pay and it feels like Christmas every month when it arrives.

Well i hoped you liked reading my review on octobers degusta box.
I am sorry its a bit late, but I should be back soon because Novembers box is due near end of November.

Thanks for reading my lovelies.

Caroline.. cazziieglamour x