Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Debenhams christmas wishlist 2014

Debenhams christmas wishlist 2014

We all know christmas is just around the corner, so i thought hey why not blog about a kids christmas wish list I am a big kid at heart but ain't we all.
We know recently one of the bestseller has been disney frozen which has sold more than any other disney ever.

As some of you may know i have a little girl who is 5,her wish list consisted off mainly disney frozen items which isn't surprising i am 23 and must admit i kinda do like the film as to be one of the best recent disney films there is, even do i do love some of the good old classics like snow white and cinderella.

Anyway I have decided insted of doing my daughters christmas wishlist i thought id mix it up a little and do something wacky, as a big kid my self i thought id do a wishlist for toys i would ask santa for if i was still a child.
I have to admit i am bit of a big kid and still love lego and other things even my daughter gets me to play with her my little pony's and teddies etc.


Hello kitty
 CD player boom box £35 

Kitty   £60

 Kids safe headphones  £15

Tatty teddy 
Make a bear   £18

Melissa and doug
 friendship stamping set  £9 

Unisex facepainting kit £10

Bumble bee rc car £40

 Lego city police crook pursuit £5

So there you have it my wishlist if i was still a child, I am sure most other girls would love this wish list even boys i am a true believer in toys are for all sex's as as a child i used to play with my brothers toy cars, and he used to play with my barbie dolls. 

Let your kids be kids n play with whatever toys they like my daughter loves fireman sam doesn't mean she is a tomboy just means she likes different things and is exploring as children do.

So go ahead a this year let your child play with something different why not let your little boy push around a buggy with a fireman sam teddy in , or let him play with a barbie doll or let your daughter play with wrestling figures in my eyes all toys are unisex we need to stop being silly and just live a little.

Sorry for the little rant there!

I would d love to know what toys you would want for christmas if you was still a child.
What toys was your favorite when you was little?
Did you play with toys that other people used to label as girls or boys toys?
Would you let your child play with a toy that is aimed at the opposite sex?

I would love to know your views on this and even if you dont agree with my views id still love to hear your views.

Catch you soon

Caroline xx