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December 2014 degusta box

Degustabox UK
Hey girls and guys my december dugustabox uk has arrived.
Hope you are all set for the holidays and looking forward seeing the new year in not long now and we will be in 2015 seems crazy how time goes quick.
I am sorry i aint blogging as often as i would like to but i am thankful for all your support and every month seeing loads of you send me very nice emails who read my blog posts every time i post.
And also love seeing the new faces who email me saying they have stumbled on my blog from google or twitter or via a friend it means alot to have you not only as my readers but you are like my friends.

Anyway hope you enjoy seeing what was inside my decembers degustabox uk.
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This is what was inside this month's degustabox 

The chia co
Oats and chia £1.70 each
Wholegrain  oats and chia a great taste, may it be for breakfast or a nice simple snack or even a healthy lunch contains  omega-3 fibre, protein these are packed with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants meaning its healthy and great for your health, also you only need to add water meaning it is quick to make meaning you get to enjoy it sooner.

Pukka herbs
green tea with lemon  £2.39 each 
A healthy fair trade green tea contains sencha green tea 40% sweet fennel seed, dandelion root,
licorice root nettle leaf lemon essential oil turmeric root, lemon whole, lemon myrtle leaf.
So the ingredients are pretty healthy and good for you a good way to sit back and enjoy the health benefits of green tea and the great feeling of knowing it is fair trade.

Kents kitchen
Kents kitchen madras meal kit £2.50 each
As some of you know I have had the kents kitchen meal kits in my degustabox uk before and how much I love them and the idea behind them just add meat with the meal kit and like magic you have a tasty delicious packed with flavour meal.

bahlsen choco leibniz milk chocolate £1.79 each
bahlsen choco leibniz milk chocolate n caramel £1.79 each

These tasty chocolate biscuits are tasty and even the caramel ones was delightful full of chocolaty flavour and sweetness your be sure to enjoy these as a nice treat they are abit of a luxury so far to good to waste.
I shared mine with my hubby and little girl and they loved them and wanted more.

EISBURG  £3.49 per bottle
Thinking about giving up drink? or are you going to be driving this christmas or new year?
This is a non alcoholic wine it wasnt my cup of tea but i aint a big fan of wine anyway.
But I love the idea of non alcoholic wine which does taste like wine meaning those of you who do like wine who are driving this christmas can still get the taste  without being over the limit to drive.
( it is available in rosé, chardonnay,cabernet sauvignon, and riesling) 

Frylight infuse garlic spray oil £2.00 per bottle
no need to pour oil when you are cooking , we have all done it pouring oil into a frying pan and poured to much by mistake. with this spray oil your troubles have gone spray as much as you need and your ready to cook, Also it is infused with garlic meaning the oil taste good so if your cooking chicken it will be infused with garlic you can also use it to make a low fat garlic bread.
(For those of you who dont like garlic Frylight also do a chilli infused oil)

popchips £1.79 per pack
pop chips are tasty and packed with flavour i had the bbq flavour which was yummy I enjoyed them and buy far one of the most flavourous crisp ever, i love the fact my fingers wasnt greasy after and that there was less than 100 calories not that i count my calories i love my food to much.

Gloworm cans £1.50 each
Omg when i opened my degustabox uk I was amazed when i saw these you mix them with alcohol.
Gloworm is the first premium mixer of its kind, specifically blended to compliment a selection of spirits.
the unique formula is sugar free and taurine-free i love the idea of these and the flavours sound great cant wait to try them over christmas.
The flavours are as follows 

Raspberry and orris  - perfect with Vodka

ginger and lemon grass - perfect with bourbon

Cucumber and apple - perfect with Gin

Pear spice and lime - perfect with rum

Bonne maman £2.30 a jar 
bonne maman is a coarse orange marmalade is fresh, zingy.

I am Not a big fan of marmalade but my hubby is and he said he will be taking this one to his mums to eat over christmas, I am guessing he is gonna put it on his toast on christmas morning.

Overall view this month.

At first i was a little disappointed that there wasnt any christmas items in the box but come to think of it i dont mind so much because the mixers will go down well at christmas. plus whatever happens i will still have chocolates etc at christmas anyway so not having christmas items in the box wasnt really a big deal.

I really loved getting the kent kitchen kit again i adore the flavours in the meal kit and love how well the curry comes out just add chicken and you are enjoying a nice curry ar a low cost even though you have to do the washing up you will not be spending alot.

I wasnt to keen on the non alcoholic wine as I am not keen on wine anyway  but I am sure a few of you will like it because i know alot of you will be drinking at christmas or off to christmas parties or maybe even giving up drinking in the new year.

overall I liked this months box and the bits i wont eat or drink I know my hubby will as he loves his marmalade etc.

So there you have it guys and girls that was my degustabox uk this month.
Do you get degustabox uk delivered each month?
dont forget to use my discount code if you want to try a degusta box you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

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