Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How A Facebook Post Made Me Emotional

Hey girls and guys I am back with a different kind of post.
Today's post is a little emotional so I apologize to anyone sensitive like myself.
So as a Facebook user who looks through my timeline, and also search in the selling groups.
I came across a post monday evening and something drew me in to read it as i began to read my hurt began to beat and it felt if my heart was being ripped into two.

A for sale post with brand new baby clothes with tags, £35 
for sale baby clothes new with tags due to our daughter passing away.

I couldn't believe what I was reading I felt heartbroken.
To make things worse people was commenting can you take less money.
It was really upsetting to read it all and my heart was hurting for this couple.

I posted a message asking if they had paypal because I wanted to send over some money.
Few people started to like my comment and one person commented saying the couple should try set a go fund page up when they are ready as it might help them get a memorial for their little sleeping angel.

Anyway the dad of skyla the sleeping angel messaged me saying it was kind to see my lovely message,But he didn't want any money as they wanted to sell the clothes to get some money towards a few things.

Due to having not been able to bury their baby due to family living miles away,
They had to have a cremation so they could take skyla's ashes with them when they moved.
They then moved back to london And wanted to sell the clothes to set up a memorial garden.

So anyway I said I really wanted to send money, he popped his paypal address over,
He then said I didn't have to send any money he didnt expect anything like this.

Anyway I logged into paypal and paid £10 over to him and his wife.
I know it wasnt alot of money but thought it would be a start a little something,
 towards some flowers or something for the memorial garden.

Aaron and his wife was so overwhelmed and called me a star 
They said its been a long time since they have seen someone so caring and thoughtful.

So anyway they have now set up a justgiving page to try raise money.
To have a real memorial garden with a little bench flowers etc,
so they can remember their little skyla who was born sleeping.

if you like to donate  and share that would be amazing 
if you can't donate please share the link every share helps also.
After all every little kind deed goes a long way.

Also if you know any gardeners or bench makers feel free to send them link to.
Im sure as a community of people if we can share this around it can help.
 There are a few lovely kind people out there who might be able to help in some way

Thank you for reading
love hugs kisses

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