Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Samsung DV80H8100HW Review

Smart Tumble Dryer Samsung DV80H8100HW
(Tumble dryer courtsy of ao.com for me to keep and review)

Hey boys and girls Hope you are well, today I wanted to show some of you the tumble dryer that I mentioned to a few of you who was asking about it and those of you who was wondering why it is £700 to buy new from places like ao.com, currys, etc.

From the moment I first saw this on the website I instantly fell in love with it.
I loved the look of it and everything it claimed to do it was eye catching.
Buying a tumble dryer is like a dating profile you have to see what you are buying into.

Well I was at pro-beauty when the tumble dryer was delivered to my home.
because I wasn't in to sign hubby signed for the delivery.
Then he put the tumble in the lounge in the corner due to no room in my kitchen.
He then began to tease me Texting me saying I get to play with the tumble dryer.
( lol told you he is a big kid)

Anyway when I arrived home from pro beauty I see my tumble sitting there in the corner.
So I am going to talk you through the tumble dryer from the features to the design hope you enjoy reading please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I try my 100% to answer them.

First Impression

copywrite ao.com
The warm feeling mixed with butterflies I fell in love with the tumble dryer in its beauty.
I was also excited to see what else was on offer what features it had what else could it do.
was so overwhelmed by the dryer I couldnt stop talking about it from the moment it was on the way to be delivered to me now and probably forever more.
It is the best appliance in my home.


The tumble dryer is bulky as in big but it still looks sleek and modern.
It reminds me of a time machine or porthole with the nice design of the door.
The touch responsive buttons add that extra oomph you get the drift it just looks good.
Even though looks are not everything this tumble dryer as the full package.

Other features

Drying options
Sensor drying means the tumble dryer will stop when your clothes are dry meaning you won't be over drying your clothes, which means less eletric used and less shrunken clothes.

Mute button: if you don't want the buttons to play a tune you can turn off the sound.

Child lock means you can lock the control pad meaning if you have children that if they press the buttons it wont affect your dry cycle in anyway, the buttons also play a tune meaning if they do press the buttons they have fun.

Additional information
The smart tumble dryer is also quiet when running at only 65 decibels it is sure to impress.
I have mine in my living room drying my clothes whilst im watching television.

Height 60cm
Width 60cm


bottom filter

door filter


Overall Verdict

So anyway I have been using the dryer now for a few months!!
Overall I am impressed with the stylish design and  advanced features like the child lock, the lamp and all the different dry settings ie cupboard dry iron dry quick dry.
There is also a wrinkle prevent which is fab if you want less crinkled clothes every busy person dream is to cut down ironing time.

Although for me the drying times sometimes can be a bit long especially if you're in a mad rush to get out and go to meet friends or take your kids to the park etc.

But having said that I can understand why it takes so long to dry because of the big drum 8kg.
I can fit about 3 lots of wet washing in the tumble dryer because my washing machine is much smaller than this big stylish sleek tumble dryer.

The old tumble dryers that are not condensers they can cause condensation,
meaning you're more likely to get mould and damp inside your house.

But with this tumble dryer you will not have this problem because its a condenser meaning all the dampness aka water is collected in the draw which you can empty after each use.
I am really impressed with the dryer so far it has not let me down.

Thank you for reading my review! 

Is it worth £700 ?
I would say yes but at same time no because there is much cheaper ones on market.
But because this one as loads of features, nice design and built in smart check I am going to say it is worth the money if you have the money to splash out on it.

If you're on a very tight budget a cheaper one would be ideal as long as it is a condenser one like i mentioned because it helps prevent damp and condensation.

Thanks for reading
Love hugs and laundry