Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Xmas gift ideas

image by caroline bartholomew (me)
Hey girls and guys, Christmas is approaching pretty quick now already since october many stores have already had in xmas bits from gift sets to wrapping paper decorations.

even tho christmas is the anniversary of my nan's death I agreed to do the post,
as i love showing you what things are on the market,
As well as keeping my brain busy with blogging.

I know some of you may dread christmas and others love christmas,
but stocking filler sells many items not only for christmas these amazing things,
can be gifted for birthdays, or just a treat for yourself or a friend.

So here goes hope you enjoy reading feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Please note
(Additional information for each product can be found on the website)

Gifts I like, or think are amazing.


I don't have a garden but I really adore this zombie gnome.
I think it's really unusual and cool i do like weird and wonderful things.
perfect for all year round or for halloween mr zombie gnome is puka.

Wow I love this tetris light brings back memories of playing it as a child.
I think the light is also unusual and cool as I  said i do love my weird and wonderful things this would look good in a gaming room to go with the theme really well.

Gifts think my hubby would like.

well he as always talked about having a newton's cradle before.
So with this one being able to light up i think he would enjoy it more,
With having his own company ThinkMill Design this would be perfect for his desk.

Well drones are the in thing at the moment especially ones with cameras on.
Perfect for photography and filmmaking or just having fun.
my hubby would love this as he always talking about drones and how cool they are.

Gifts I think my daughter would like

slimy gooey fun my daughter loves gooey slimy fun.
I think gelli baff would be a great gift I have heard many good things about gelli bath,
From my friends who have kids themselves, and I think chloe would really love this.

no image please see website for more info.

The Bungee bouncer  Looks fun and something my daughter would love,
She is always bouncing around on the sofa and bed this would be a perfect gift.
I think it is great so she can bounce on the go to use up any excess energy.

This which i have already ordered.

You can find many more gifts on stocking fillers website.
See below for more

there is also many cool products at one of my fave shops menkind

some of my faves are

So That is all for now guys and girls,
Hope you have enjoyed looking at what gifts stocking fillers do.

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Feel free to leave comment below or email me.

What gifts do you like from stocking fillers?
What gift do you think your family would love the most?
Are you planning on buying from stocking fillers?

Please note images of products were from stocking filler website.