Thursday, 5 November 2015

Timeless Truth Travel Pack

Hello guys and girls hope you are all well and looking after yourselfs.
I am back with another review this time on a facemask which is much needed after having glue on my face over halloween with making my own scary makeup this year, also last night so I could test this product probably I broke one of the important rules of beauty, yes I slept in my makeup.

Anyway timeless truth have sent me this mask free of charge so I can test it.
please note this does not affect my opinion in anyway, all thoughts are my own.
know a few of you have been asking for a review on a facemask.

Anyway Here Goes here's my review on the timeless travel pack face mask.
If you have a questions please feel free to leave a comment after you read.

Oil Based Wipes.

The oil based wipes are for removing makeup there was only 2 wipes inside me been me and normally needing about 10 wipes to remove makeup normally i was very impressed to how i only needed one of these wipes to remove 99.9 of my makeup.

because it is oil based your makeup glides off nicely as well as making your face feel like it is soaking up all the oil making your face feel smooth if you have dry skin like myself.
Although the oil did get in my eye and stung and the oil on face can feel a bit much.

As you can see from the wipe its covered in filth yes makeup.
it has done a good job seeing as it's just one wipe I used
also in the video you can see how well its removes the makeup.

Water Based Wipes

The water based wipes are for moisturising the skin, again only 2 wipes which i was worried wouldn't be enough, i again only used 1 wipe which was great to know you don't need more.
I loved the feel of these more as it felt refreshing and made my skin feel fresh and clean.

As you can see from the video again easy to use I probably had a 1% makeup on my face still because there was a small smidge of makeup on the wipe after using it.

The Cotton Face Mask.

Where do I start ok There is only 1 mask in the pack which is ok, but if you're someone who like myself only uses 1 of each wipes and have left over you would be wanting an extra mask.
I will say been a newbie with these type of masks I needed hubby to help me, it was hard to apply well taking of the plastic was easy, but when it came to applying it to face then trying to find where to peal of the blue bit was hard because it is on your face you can't see that well.
prob didnt help i had oil in my eye from the makeup remover wipe.

Overall verdict

I am not 100% pleased with the mask if i am 100% honest,
Purely because it was hard to apply even with hubby helping me apply it,
with it been a travel pack I would expect it to be easier to apply as i found the plastic bit easy to remove. but when it came to putting it on the face then peeling of the blue layer it was hard.
however I am 100% loving the face the oil based makeup wipes remove makeup like magic.
no need for scrubbing hard just wipe over face and watch makeup disappear before your eyes, all through the oil can feel a bit heavy which is not a problem once you get to stage two the water based moisturizing wipes which make your skin feel fresh clean and awake.

so all in all I give this 5 out out 10 because the mask was the issue and the mask is the main part of the product that you would expect to be the best part, however if you are used to applying cotton masks you may have better result than me after all i am a newbie.

But the result i had was my skin feeling fresh, clean and a little more tighter.
this was a great morning boost for me a great start to my day leaving my skin feeling like it is ready for the day ahead so i am happy but just not 100% swayed into buying it again.

You can find out more on the timeless truth website

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Have you used timeless truth before?
What is the best face mask you have used before?