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(Amazing Magazine review and giveaway)
Hi guys and girls I am back with a review and giveaway for you all.
Hope you enjoy this review feel free to get your kids to come read with you.
To see if they like the sound of this fun educational magazine.

The world's most AMAZING children's educational magazine is not only fun to read for children but is full of really cool educational stuff that will help them learn and have fun at the same time. The magazines are also good to keep for any school work they may have on the topics listed in the magazines which is a bonus, as kids homework can be pretty tough even for us adults.

Amazing! is a monthly 36 page publication packed with articles, facts,stories And an annual subscription is just £49 for 12 issues (a whole year)
Teachers and schools receive discounts!

Some of the topics your find with this super cool magazine are the following.





As you can see many great subjects and what better way to get your kids interested in learning then a cool magazine that makes learning fun for all kids aged 7+ although you could get them for young kids who may be advanced for their age with their learning progress.

Here is a few sneak peaks from the 2 magazines I have

Chloe says the magazine is brilliant, she says she really likes the funny boogy recipe which involves popcorn and Tasty gungy green stuff, She also really loved the cool word searches in the book and said they are not only fun to do but have cool words.

She said some of the words in magazine are tricky to read but she loves when mummy and daddy sit down with her to read it and laugh at silly bits and have fun talking about the wonderful things and playing the little quizzes Guessing the answer right before mummy and daddy makes me feel very clever.

My thoughts overall

I really enjoyed reading the magazines with chloe, normally with books i struggle and lose interest rather quick and reading hurts my eyes, but with magazines I can enjoy reading alot more so not only did it help me be able to sit down and read with chloe, it made her happy that we could sit down and learn cool things together.

I love how there is many different things in each magazine making it fun for adults and children so rather then been on one thing as you turn the pages there is always something new to find out the cartoons in the magazine along with the info makes learning fun.

I recommend these magazines  to anyone who has children who love magazines and comics and want to use that as a great advantage for their child to learn new things.
These magazines are a great way to get kids interested in history maths etc so would also be helpful for homework times especially if there is something in the magazine that they can write about for a history project, or science etc with the things to make in the book that also comes in handy too if you're stuck for ideas what to do on a rainy day.

As you can tell overall I am impressed with the magazine and its price.
the only downside to the magazine is there is no free gifts on the front, which is a shame even if it was little bits n bobs that is needed for the make and do things that would come in handy or even fact cards with science facts to keep or something to that effect.


I have a copy of the magazine to give away for 10 lucky readers.
At the end of the giveaway your details will be passed on to the amazing team and they will ship you a copy out for been a loyal reader of mine how cool is that.

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10 lucky winners will be picked by the end of april so be quick as winners may be drawn sooner, from when entries roll in, so be quick and enter after reading this post.

For anyone who wishes to go buy one now directly from Amazing
Here's a cheeky 10% off code wow10 ltd time only.

Questions and answers

Where can I buy Amazing magazine?
You can buy it from amazing website although some retailers are stocking it for more info please check the amazing website to see a list of other stores that stock it.

How much is a year subscription?
£49 for a whole year which is 12 issues, although if you are a school,teacher you may receive a discount please speak to someone at amazing for more info.

How old do I have to be to read Amazing?
The suggested age is 7 and up although if you are younger and are wanting to learn and your parent agrees then there is no harm in you reading these.

How can I contact amazing?
You can contact them here on their amazing website.

Thank You For Reading Our Amazing Review

Caroline And Chloe