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Bandzee The only hairband your ever Need

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Hey guys n girls sorry the delay this should of been posted a week ago but i have not been well I have had a bad cold more like flu I felt so rough and couldn't bring myself to writing so apologies to everyone, hope you are all well, Today I am reviewing bandzee sent to me by bandzee. Before we start, I have been sent this product as a gift in exchange for a honest review. As always views and thoughts on the product are my own and I will always state any good and bad I find in a product where I can, as I believe there is good and bad in everything.

What Is Bandzee?

So bandzee sent me a few packs of their super cool design bandzees to anyone who doesn't know what bandzee are, they are a super cool hair tie that not only looks pretty on your wrist. We all know how frustrating it is when you can only find one hair band you do to tie your hair up tighter and tighter then all of a sudden snap, well with bandzee kiss goodbye to getting your heart broken by your hairbands, who are disloyal to your hair leaving kinks every time you tie it up, bandzee is your new best friend and very loyal to you and your hair. It won't break up on you, it won't damage your hair or your feelings.

First Impression?

Upon arrival I opened the envelope and was really surprised to see the lovely designs inside,
Even my little girl was like I want them, I want to wear one on my wrist, When I opened the pack and removed a bandzee I stumbled across some wording on the cardboard packaging, and then looked to see if my other two packs had it which they did but different words, which I really loved because they are quite inspiring words and thought that was one of the great things with packaging, for the amount of young girls or guys who will be using banzee nice to see such inspirational quotes on there too inspire them. So when I first tried using a bandzee on my little girl I was abit skeptical as she sometimes moans when I try tie her hair as normal hair bands can be tight and uncomfy, but with bandzee she didn't seem to make as much of a fuss when i was tying her hair In fact I could tie her hair quite well, and it wasn't to tight like some new hairbands are.

Did You Know?

Bandzee also do subscriptions, which means you can get a pack of bandzee sent to your door each month, for 4.95 each month which means you save £1 per pack as bandzee retail at 5.95 this might be idea for someone you know wanting a subscription that’s different.
Might be good for a gift for a friend who always loses their hairbands?

Overall Verdict!

Overall I am impressed with bandzee they tie your hair and also look good on the wrist, they are not too tight to wear in your hair or on wrist, they easy to use and made doing my daughters hair much easier without all the moaning it hurts and it is too tight, bandzee gets the thumbs up from my little girl and me and my partner, we really love the designs and how each pack as a lovely inspirational quote on which is a good thing for anyone reading, positive messages and quotes have great impact on young people, the only thing I am not sure on is the price purely because I am used to buying big bulk hair bands and getting loads but putting the quantity aside and judging price on how well bandzee worked I think the price isn't too bad. even though I am impressed with bandzee I will continue to use normal hair bands as well until every last hairband I own snaps and breaks, then may think about investing in bandzees because they do not break easily like hair bands do.

Not sure what else to say other than why not buy a pack and see if you like bandzee and if they meet all your hair needs, one thing for sure I am hoping bandzee will bring out different sizes like bigger ones for people who may have loads of hair or loads of dreadlocks and wants to tie them all up together.

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