Monday, 9 May 2016

The Black Farmer Sausages

Hey guys and girls, I am back again hope you're all well. As some of you may or may not know it is celiac awareness month. I myself was recently sent for blood tests because they found out I had anemia from another blood test I had done previously because of knee pain I have had for 7 years. Anyway the recent bloods testing for celiac have come back negative although the nurse is sending me for further tests to see what Is wrong with me, Anyway fitting in with the theme of celiac awareness month I am reviewing some sausages from the black farmer which are gluten free.

Find out about the black farmer by clicking the link above.

My thoughts on the sausages.
I wasn't to sure what they would taste like at first with been gluten free sausages i was thinking they may taste bland, because most people say gluten free stuff can taste bland.
But i thought id give them a try anyway as it is good to try new things.

The price of the sausages are not too bad at 3.50 a pack not too bad but more than I am currently paying for sausages as I normally buy supermarkets own for a pound a pack due to having to budget to make sure my money covers all my bills etc.

The taste of the sausages were pretty nice full of flavour and tasted better than any sausage I have tried so far, I loved the taste as did my hubby and my daughter. My daughter asked if we can eat these more often as they are really yummy.
Overall Verdict
Overall I am impressed with the sausages that tasted great not to sure on the price though with the sausages being £3.50 a pack due to I normally buy food in bulk.
Saying that for the great taste, and the amount you get in a pack as well as being gluten free the price is reasonable to a certain extent, as other places would probably charge a lot more for gluten free sausages.

Me and my family really loved how the sausages were very flavoursome and tasty.
For a child who is fussy with taste and a hubby who can be picky with certain foods as well as me miss fussy food critic We really loved every bite of the sausages.

The only thing I found with them even though they was lovely tasty and juicy  felt a bit chewy in some parts but hubby said it was not chewy so probably me nitpicking to be fair I am a fussy person when it comes to food.

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Did you know black farmer have also brought out gluten free burgers?
See the full range here on the black farmers website.

Recipe Ideas For your black farmer sausages
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Posh toad in the hole
Chips sausage and beans
Sausage and egg sandwich

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