Saturday, 25 June 2016

Glitter Lips Molly Dolly

Hey guys and girls, I hope you are all keeping well, sorry I don't blog as much as I would like day to day life is just manic with looking after the home, and my little girl and juggling 101 things, anyway I am back with a review for you for a product not only am i excited to try it, I am excited to share with you what the product is like. 

About glitter lips

Glitter lips is a great lip product not only will your lips look glittery and glamourous, the product is kiss proof yes you heard me once the product as set and you can kiss your hand sometimes at first bit of glitter may come off but lips still look fine, after a while any loose glitter that will be gone, will reveal the rest which is smudge proof water proof and kiss proof.

If you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients please do a patch test 24 hours prior to wearing the product, safety first as much as it is tempting to skip that part.

First Impressions

When it was arrived I was skeptical of how the glitter would stay on lips, also was intrigued to try it with it been easy to use, i wasnt to sure on the glitter pot been small as i opened in carefully and see how careful you have to be otherwise you will end up with glitter everywhere meaning you will have to replace it if that should happen.

On the first use I was very excited to try so applied a nice small amount of the sticky gloss to my lips which felt a bit like glue very sticky (so be careful not to stick your lips together),then picked up my glitter pot and opened it carefully trying not to shake and spill the glitter I just about managed it, I put on some glitter with the applicator which seemed to work ok, although do feel a dif brush may of applied it better but it seemed to of worked nicely.

Anyway This was the finished result to what it looks like once applied which ain't too bad, although if wearing on night out etc i would suggest maybe taking it with you in your bag if you want to touch up the product as day to day things ie drinking,talking smoking can make it gradually come off your lips, which is pretty normal like with most lipsticks.

What I like about the product.
I love how easy it is to apply to the lips,just apply the gloss then the glitter.
I also love how glittery lips are after applying the product to your lips.

What I don't like about the product

I wasnt keen on how sticky my lips felt after applying the gloss,
It felt almost like putting glue on lips very sticky, saying that if it wasn't sticky then the glitter wouldn't of gone on, so do say the sticky feeling  will take getting used to.

Also didn't like the fact the glitter pot is tiny, which means you have to open the pot carefully otherwise your floor will be covered in glitter, so you may want to put out of reach of young children and anyone who may be prone to touching your things.

Overall Verdict

Overall I do like the product but a few things for me kinda makes me not like it such as the glitter pot been that small and cos it filled to top you have to be careful opening it,
I would of liked to see maybe a bigger pot which is deeper which would be great to prevent spillage. Also if they had a bigger pot they maybe could use that as an advantage for their brand and to buyer to sell big refill bottles to fill up the pot with meaning you never run out.

This aside I do like the product itself I love how nice and glittery lips are after the product is applied makes me feel very girly and glamourous. The other thing i didn't like about applying the product was how sticky my lips felt they felt very tight like they had glue on them and once glitter was on felt very glittery, but I guess if they wasn't sticky  then the glitter wouldnt of stuck that well, so as mentioned further up the sticky feeling is something that I will have to get used to as well as glittery feel, which is ok But thought I would mention it so you know this beforehand.


Where can I buy Glitter Lips?
Superdrugs sell the glitter lips, and so does the beauty boulevard and this is beauty mart also sell glitter lips, please check out all of the stores listed above if you wish to buy glitter lips or to check stock levels if you're thinking of buying soon.

How much Is Glitter Lips to buy?
Rrp is £12.50 for 30ml which is bit pricey but not to much as the glitter lasts ages.

What colours Does glitter lips come in?
It comes in many gorgeous colours blues pinks and more,
you can see which colours they have by visiting the website.

Thanks for reading