Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Kitchen Update

Hey guys and girls, thought I would share with you about my kitchen update. Its taken a while to get the post up as I have been busy sorting things out and putting everything back into the new kitchen, anyway I am with Housing association and they have updated my kitchen to make it look better than it originally was it has been a stressful time for us all with not been able to use cooker and washing machine and sink I am surprised I am not grey yet from all the worry and stress involved in having kitchen works done.

First of all they came out and measured up the kitchen and let us choose from a small choice of units, flooring and tiles etc from rixonway which there was only a limited choice due to budget which we want to fussed about as our kitchen was way over 20 years old older than me in fact and I am 25 so it was indeed way overdue an update. They are meant to update then around every ten years so you can tell how overdue i was.

Anyway we choose what we had wanted then they booked for us to have an asbestos check to see where we had asbestos in our flat, which there was low amounts all around the flat walls and ceilings and floors then about 2 weeks later we got the go ahead to have our kitchen updated by rbk, so we moved everything into the lounge, ready for works to be completed which was a bit of a nightmare having plates cups and cooking utensils in the lounge but storage in these flats is not so great, anyway the first day they ripped out the whole kitchen
which you could imagine how noisy that can be, anyway over the next week or so they managed to paint, replaster the wall blow up my electrics when the mortar stuff they use before plastering got into the sockets put in the units laid the lino over the asbestos tiles which was meant to be removed which they never did for some strange reason.

anyway going over the designs we had chosen we wasn't to keen on the white tiles they was going to supply, so i contacted the sidcup tile king in sidcup to see if I could have a small amount of metro black tiles for my kitchen to review which they said yes which made my day because I fell in love with those tiles from looking at kitchen designs on the internet and dreamed of having them in my new kitchen.

Sidcup Tile King Review
About The company

Sidcup tile king have been selling wall and floor tiles for over 35 years,
So they have a vast knowledge within the trade, their ranges are cherry picked from some of the biggest and largest manufactures in the world, they are very friendly and helpful and put their customers first with their needs with wall and floor tiles.
What I Think Of The Tiles
Ever since seeing the tiles online on many tile websites, I fell in love with the lovely glossy stylish design of the metro black tiles and dreamed of having them in my kitchen. 
I even picked up a few samples of them online in red, white grey and black, We held them against the wall in my kitchen and right away loved them all but because I was having black lino we decided to have the black ones, so it would go really well with the black flooring and dark worktops, and breaks up some of the white ie cupboards and walls,ceiling etc.

Overall Verdict Of Sidcup Tile King
We are really impressed with sidcup tile king not only are their team very friendly, they have great knowledge of tiles when we was speaking to them, they are very helpful and ordered the tiles we wanted promptly and had them delivered by a friendly delivery driver.
The tiles was delivered with great care and well in a box to ensure they was safe.
The tiles are amazing glossy and modern, and do look great in pretty much all kitchens, they go on the wall very nicely, with any great adhesive brought from any great hardware store.

I am not only very happy with my tiles sent to me by sidcup tile king, I am very pleased to know they have such a lovely team that works very hard to ensure their customer is happy and gets the right help regards to tiles and everything else you need to know.
They work so hard so I really do take my hat off to them for everything they do for their customers to ensure they get the best service and the best tiles for their kitchen and bathroom projects, i really can't thank tile king enough they have been superstars.

Sidcup Tile King Social media Following

Finished kitchen
Anyway as you can see from the pictures the kitchen from rixonway looks far better,
Much more modern to suit me and my family, the kitchen is of great quality. And now have a sink that is a bit bigger than the old one, and the cupboards are a nice size.

The only thing I wasn't happy with my kitchen from rixonway was not been able to have units above my sink due to health and safety regulations set by my housing as apparently they have been sued for someone hitting their head on one whilst washing up, so above my sink looks a bit bare with having one cupboard, so we are thinking of putting a nice shelf there or something. Depending on what looks great in that small space. We also wasn't to pleased about how close a socket they had put close to draining board, doesn't take an idiot to know water and sockets don't mix, which there not much we can do about now, we really feel as if the work is a bit shoddy with them not doing it to a high standard.
We also wasn't to happy with some of the things rbk had done with kitchen like not painting properly, blowing up our electrics, breaking a handle from one of our new cupboards, denting the worktop which was very stressful to experience such things with people doing the kitchen, anyway the kitchen is complete well pretty much rbk still need to come fix anything they have broken and finish little bits off, other then that the kitchen is done.

Our friend paul helped us put up the tiles once the works had been completed which was a bit of a hassle as the walls in my kitchen are not 100% straight for some weird reason, but
Paul worked very hard at placing the tiles and cutting the tiles to make them fit around sockets etc, we could not be more happy so thank you paul for fitting them for us.

After the tiles had been fitted and had time to dry a few days later my hubby grouted them with a wonderful grey tile grout we bought from homebase, for about £10 which looks much nicer than the white tile grout we was thinking of using which we glad we didn't.

Overall We are very pleased with the tiles which make the kitchen look modern.

Special Thanks To

Rixonway for supplying housing with the kitchen.
Sidcup tile king for supplying me with the Tiles.
Paul Our friend for Fitting the Tiles
My hubby for grouting The tiles
Rbk for fitting the kitchen even tho it wasn't a great job

Thanks for reading