Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Hey guys and girls I am back just a quick review on a site i reviewed which they let me have a play on a few of their games on the site with £25 but i wasn't careful and lost it all as I was just playing for fun rather than trying to win anything, and playing without paying much attention, I get distracted quite easily but anyway here is a bit about the site.

Before we start I am not a big lover of gambling but do play the odd euro-millions now and then or buy the odd scratch card, so walk away when I lose so I don't lose too much.

About Lottoland

Lottoland is a online gambling site abit like any other one, with scratch cards, and online games such as black jack, but with lottoland you can also do the euro-millions on there which I found was a great thing about the site especially as i recently tried signing up to national lottery website and it wouldn't let me without proving my identity etc which seemed a lot of hassle for wanting to do a line on the euro-millions, anyway with lottoland as i said it is easy to sign up and get playing, which can be a good thing and bad thing, a good thing meaning it quick and easy no hassle, but a bad thing if you're addicted to gambling.

What I Liked about Lottoland
I loved how quick and easy it is to set up and get playing, meaning no messing around.
I really love how you can do the euro-millions on the site as well means I don't have to go to shop last minute waiting n a queue and missing the deadline to play.
I also loved how quick the site was no lagging and slow games like with bigger sites.

What I didn't like about Lottoland.
This is a hard one I couldn't find much I didn't like other then as with all gambling sites it gets addictive but that comes with all sites like this anyway, so would say if you have a gambling habit or love gaming too much maybe either stay clear or set yourself limits so you don't go over and lose to much money, if you do lose walk away whilst you still can.

Overall Verdict.

I really like the site It is easy to join, and the site is fast and quick.
The site has lots to offer such as games, scratch cards, and you can even do your euro-millions on there which is an added bonus so to speak. My only concern is how addictive online gambling is and can be meaning I do worry if more and more people will become addicted through great sites that run quick and make it easy to spend money, saying this you can set limits on there which is a great way if you don't wanna spend too much.

I really love the site layout easy on the eye making it easy to see what you are doing.
I love how you can invite friends to join and if your friend wins you win the same payout which is cool and a great idea especially if you both don't want to gamble that much but still can win more by your friends winning. But again with this it could lead you to making friends want to join and they could become addicted, so my only advice would be if you're worried about a friend gambling addiction to seek help, remember you can win all the time with these sites and that some people have lost everything through gambling so if you gamble you are doing so at your own risk play reasonably, set limits and leave if you lose money do not try win back what you have or may lose as this can make it worse.

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If you or anyone you know is addicted to gambling or think you might be and need to seek help please see links below where you can seek help and support.

Set limits

Walk away if you lose
Seek help if you are becoming addicted
Close account if you feel you're becoming addicted

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