Saturday, 6 September 2014

Asda grocery review

Hey girls and guys, a company review for you all, first of all i must say asda my favourite place to do my food shop as their own brand is cheap and tastes good unlike a few other places.
However i come to write my review today about the bad experiences i have with asdas online grocery shopping.

pretty much every time i order online and get my food delivered i put it all away i don't have time to sit there and check each and every date on the items as i am a busy mum,housewife and blogger.
anyway i normally go to grab something to eat the next day to find it expired the day it was delivered or goes off the next day which is shocking because when you do an online shop you expect to have long dates on fresh food not food that goes mouldy before you have even eaten it.
anyway i have bitten my tongue a few times and kept hush other times rung up to get a refund.

however i had a food shop delivered on 3rd September and a few items was best before the 4th.
and i had to pay full price i wasn't happy because i don't want short date on stir fry veg, rolls, and fruit totally not on. anyway on 5th of September i rang customer services first of all the woman spoke quite i had to ask her to speak up. i explain to her the fresh food said best before and had a short date on some of which had already expired to which she said to me is fine and its fine to eat out of date fruit and other food.

She did not want to refund and basically was saying just to eat the out of date food and no food has long date when its fresh she also asked me why didn't i ring on the 3rd when it was delivered to which i had told her i put food away i don't have time to check everything that's what asdas staff are meant to be paid for when they pick the items anyway i passed the phone to hubby and he said i would be reporting to trading standards to which then she said she will refund it.

fair enough they finally refunded it but it took forever to do and having to keep telling her you can't eat mouldy fruit or out of date fresh food.
enough is enough though its happened to many times now and a refund somehow does not make up for me having lost so much money over the years having to throw out food that has gone off just because their staff cant be bothered to pick fresh items for their customers who order online.

Also in the past i have had items missing from my order, cleaning products from my order been packed in bags with food and have leaked all over them. substitute items been wrong for instance one time i ordered cupcake cases, they gave me big loaf cases my daughter wasn't best pleased as i promised to make cupcakes with her.pasta bake sauce being replaced with something silly like a tin of curry.

so there you have it guys and girls below i have posted pros and cons.

their own brand is cheap
own brand taste nice
cheaper than other supermarkets

rude customer service people
staff don’t check dates
out of date or short date food being delivered
sometimes hard to get a refund

sorry for the rant but yeah that's my bad experience with asda. and them picking out of date items has been happening for some time now.
as much as i love asdas food has it tastes much better than other stores and is normally always cheaper in price i am really thinking if i should give them my custom or if i should just pay double the price and shop somewhere else who will deliver fresh items.

Would love to hear your feedback and experiences you have had with asda.

thank you for reading