Saturday, 13 September 2014

Serenity Skin Care Dead Sea Salt

Hi everyone serenity skin sent me a sample pack of bath salts and asked me to review bath salts from the dead sea in jordan.
I received them in the post today (13th september 2014) and tried them straight away as i was feeling stressed from a few personal problems i had last night stressful situation long story.

Anyway my hubby run me a nice hot bath and popped in the salts for me.
i got in the bath and laid back and relaxed and just closed my eyes and daydreamed. starting to feel relaxed decided time to wash my self before the water gets to cold I am bad for that constantly adding more hot water to bath, I love warm baths slightly addicted if I am honest.
I was most certainly feeling more relaxed I actually felt really tired and almost fell asleep kept telling myself don't fall asleep.

By the time it was time to come out the bath i was feeling really sleepy to the point i could of just jumped into bed and slept.
Anyway i jumped out the bath and as I am getting dried noticed how lovely and soft my skin was I was shocked as I haven't had soft skin like this in a very long time.
after admiring my baby soft skin I got dressed in my pjs and went downstairs to drink a coffee.

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1 - Skin allergies

The high magnesium and bromide content in dead sea salt is beneficial as an anti allergic due to its cleansing and detoxifying of the skin.

2 - Slows down skin ageing

Your skin shows the first signs of ageing. Dead sea minerals help nourish and restore your skin to appear healthier.

3 - Relaxation and circulation

Bathing in dead sea salt increases blood circulation and detoxifies your body by removing by-products that are formed during stress.

4 - Reduces joint inflammation

Serenity Salts contain Calcium, Potassium, Boron and Strontium; all of which are essential for the body to prevent joint inflammation.
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Overall verdict

I would recommend these bath salts because not only did they make me feel nice and relaxed and sleepy they also left my skin feeling clean soft and wonderful.
I personally think these will be suited to everyone purely because they are natural.

the price is quite reasonable because 1kg its only £7.50 which ain't bad for salts that have come from the dead sea in jordan which have so many benefits to help your skin.
Also where the bath salts help you relax might be good for people who struggle to fall asleep to give them a try as they may help, As i haven't been that tired in long time even when its bedtime I am not ever that sleepy but these bath salts have worked wonders for me.

Questions and answers.

Q:where can i buy this product?
A: you can buy them from their website

Q: how much do the bath salts cost?
A: £7.50 for a 1kg bottle.

Q: what are the benefits?
A: the bath salts help skin allergies, they also slow down skin aging,help relax you. and even reduces joint inflammation.

How to Contact Serenity Skin care?

Who needs to go to the dead sea? when you can bring the dead sea to you!

Feel free to comment below always love reading your comments and feedback.
Have you tried these bath salts?
I would love to hear your thoughts questions and if you will be trying these bath salts.

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