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Bluewater blogger meetup

Blog Meet up in Bluewater 6th sept 2014
Hey girls n guys thought id share with you all about a blog meet up i attended.
So the bus journey took me about an hour and a bit to get there abit of a way but was all good apart from feeling anxious but one blogger ive had as facebook friend for a few years now lulu met me at the bus stop at bluewater shopping centre in kent and we walked to browns restaurant together where we met up with the fellow bloggers.

You can read lulu's blog here

raffle table
bluewater shopping centre is the 4th largest shopping centre in the in the uk, it has a wide selection
of shops from fashion to beauty and more it is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new place to shop as it is the best shopping centre i have been to so far.

Browns restaurant is very spectacular the atmosphere is nice and relaxed.
As well as being relaxed the place is also very well suited to those who have abit of money to spend as it is quite classy, anyone and everyone is welcome and the waiter was friendly and the food looked delicious.

On arrival was greeted by julie our wonderful host who organised the event and had a glass of wine and chatted for hours with the other bloggers. 
The atmosphere was very relaxed but yet amazing it was great to get out the house and meet up with everyone.

One of the Bloggers me and lulu was talking to was helen as seen in the photo here helen was looking rather lovely with the fifties look, helen made me and lulu feel very welcome and we got on really well as us 3 all have kids of our own so made us click well and gave us something else to talk about and also we all live near each other so hopefully we all meet up again soon.

if you like to read helens blog you can read it here

A few of the bloggers ordered food but i didn't eat as i was still feeling a bit unwell from the bus journey anxiety isn't very nice and not to mention having travel sickness which doesn't help.
our goody bags on table.

we all chatted some more about things such as our children or where we are from. and other random things which made me feel at ease because i love talking its what i do best.

After chatting for a few hours we decided to call it a day and julie done a little raffle and then julie got the waiter to take a group photo of us all which was nice, then we was all given a goody bag to take home with us all.

Elf nail polish - Elf cosmetics
Nails topshop- Topshop
Blusher & brush- Beauty Uk
Perfect kiss lippy- Playboy

A few small samples from nourish skin care,elemis,argan dew,metique.

Eye shadow Makeup revolution
Foundation W7 cosmetics
Eyeliner Makeup revolution
Blender brush -nanshy
Eye crease brush elf cosmetics

I would like to personally thank julie for setting up the event, and letting me help contact brands to get involved. if you would like to check out julie's blog you can read it here

The wonderful brands that got involved and would like to thank are.

Elf cosmetics
Makeup revolution
Nourish skin care

I would also like to personally thank dave lackie
who couldn't make it as he lives in canada who was kind enough to give me and julie a lancome star bronzer for our efforts organising the event. thank you david maybe see you at the next meet up if you are in england when the next meetup is organised.

Afterwards me and lulu headed to look around the shops i didn't buy anything though although i was tempted too but was great to look around the amazing shops with lulu and we went to the management suit to pick up my £1000 gift card.
( two £500 gift cards) i won in a competition bluewater recently had on which was a nice ending to the day.

Then we headed for the bus stop as it was getting late like almost 6 oclock.
i finally got home around 7 so it was a pretty long day for me.
took me around an hour to get home aswell so didn't get home till around 7 oclock.
but was surprised by hubby with a chicken stir fry, then wrote this post ready to be published once i finish tweaking it.

Anyways sorry for rambling on just thought id share my post about my lovely day out at bluewater as its an amazing shopping centre and i had a fab day.

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