Monday, 29 September 2014

My First Degustabox Review

Degustabox review

Degustabox review

Hi guys and girls I was sent a degustabox from the company.
Degusta Box is a box you get filled with lovely tasty treats its a subscription service which you can join for £12.99 per month. (with no contract, commitment or obligation)

However i have a Discount code for you meaning you get £3 off using this discount code
4784620 at the checkout. (enjoy)

Each month they will send you a box filled with goodies and the goodies inside are worth more than what you pay for your subscription fee each month meaning you are getting a great deal.
perfect if you love tasty treats and want to save a bit of money at the same time.

Any way this is the first box i have received when it arrived i was like excited and couldn't wait to open it,it felt like Christmas i sat on the floor and was like very keen to open the box, as i opened the box and peaked inside i was even more excited seeing all these wonderful goodies inside.
I called hubby over to have a look and even he was impressed with what was inside.

                            (please note each month will contain different goodies)


Crabbie's cloudy lemonade with ginger a non alcoholic drink,
which tastes refreshing and full of flavor perfect for all occasions.
i really enjoyed drinking this one and would definitely buy this drink in the future.
price £1.50
Crabbies Zesty lemon alcoholic drink, i wasn't keen on this one but my hubby loved it he said it was refreshing and sweet.
price £1.50


I have never been a fan of marmalade,
so got my hubby to to the taste test on this as he loves marmalade he said he was very tasty and sweet
and packed with flavor he put some on some homemade scones i made and said he thoroughly enjoyed it.

price £1.59

Little Miracles
Organic energy drinks

I am yet to try these and cant wait to try them love the idea of organic energy as they seem really healthy and contain more goodness then some of the energy drinks i have being drinking in the past.
Anyone on a detox would also love these and anyone who loves drinking healthy things to stay healthy and fit.

price £1.59 per bottle.

Pickup chocolate bars.
mouthwatering sweet tasty chocolate bars.
I had to hide these from little girl as they would all be gone in a day if she saw them.
But am gonna pop them in the treat cupboard for when shes been a good girl.

Price £3.38


I really enjoyed all three flavors.
The crisps was very light and still very tasty.
i love how light they was and how they made a very nice little snack. my favorite of them all was the Thai because i love chilli

£2.07 - unit 69p

Righteous salad dressings.

raspberry and sweet basil
lemon and mustard seed
mild English blue cheese and cider

haven't tasted these yet but cant wait to try them even if the flavor combos sound a bit weird.
But we all know weird combos can work. after all i do have cheese and jam in sandwiches so will defiantly try these salad dressings. rrp 75p

Nestle Carnation.

Light cooking créme for savory dishes.
perfect for making creamy chicken curries, creamy mushroom sauce to go in a home made pie.
or even to make creamy carbonara, and many other dishes.

i love the idea of this sauce as you do not have to keep it in the fridge like you do with fresh cream this can be stored in the cupboard  with its impressive long expiry date.

Price £3.30 - unit £1.65 


Simply Granola 

A perfect healthy nutritious breakfast 
crunchy baked oats with a tasty hint of honey.
perfect for those who want a filling but healthy breakfast to keep them going through the day. what ever you have planned for the day these will help keep you going.

(why not try with yogurt and fresh berries)

price £2.69 

Elizabeth Shaw Dark chocolate mint thins.

Well well well what can i say

This was my favorite sweet  treat in the Degustabox
Tasty rich dark chocolate mint thins these went down a treat.
Me and my hubby both shared these after dinner we both thoroughly enjoyed the richness of the dark chocolate and the freshness of the mint and the white sugar topping was nice and sweet and mouth watering bringing the whole flavors together.

o so delightful this chocolate is Much to good for children this is definitely one for the adults to enjoy after a long day at work or when the kids are in bed.

So there you have it girls and guys my review on the contents of the degestabox if you love food as much as i do. i am sure you would love to have tasty surprises like this arriving at your door every month.
Its like Christmas every month only that all the goods are edible and for only a small cost of £12.99 a month.

Overall verdict.
I am really really impressed with Degustabox and would recommend them to you all.
I really loved the contents of my box every one of them is something i would continue to buy.
I was really impressed with the brand named products inside which were Burts,
Jordan's, Bahlsen, Crabbie's, Little Miracles, Carnation, Elizabeth Shaw,La Vieja Fabrica,righteous.
The box was packaged well and arrived in one piece which is always a good sign.
The box was shipped fast via parcel force, which at first i was skeptical about but was really impressed as it was shipped on 25th September and i received it the next day on 26th September.
I really loved reviewing degustabox and think £12.99 a month is a real bargain for the different tasty goodies they pack inside each month.

Questions and answers?

Q:How do i order a box?
A:You can visit the website link below to order a box.

Q:Are degusta box on social media?
A:Yes you can follow them via Facebook and twitter.
Degustabox twitter

Thank you for reading